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Self-Motive of the Disabled: Key to Self-reliance Part II

Commemorating World Day of Disabled each year in the month of December alone would not have any meaningful contribution towards improving the living standards of those physically or physiologically impaired people. But, if this day is used as an occasion to approve future action plans and necessary assistive measures towards improving the livelihood of people with disability, it would continue to become a day worth commemorating.

It has now been 18 years since this global World Day of Disabled started to be commemorated in Eritrea. Owing to different schemes of assisting disabled nationals, a number of nationals have changed their living standards from what seems below scratch to somehow one aspires to have.

To accomplish something remarkable, people with any sort of disability need to boost their confidence. Hence, encouraging them to get involved in societal, educational and different sports and arts activities would enable them to possess a can do spirit. Yonas Samuel from UNICEF said, in this regard, that it is really encouraging to see people with physical challenge do their best in different forms of arts. Mr. Yonas further highlighted the extensive efforts patents have been exerting in nurturing their children to the point of registering higher level of success.

Any sort of physical disability could happen anywhere now and then due to natural or artificial causes. Thus, the role of parents and concerned bodies is to tackle any challenge that could hinder them from achieving what they aspire to. What the parents of the disabled children have been doing is thus playing a decisive role towards their normal development.

Ms. Medhin Zemuy is a mother of a visually impaired child. Her son had lost his vision in his early childhood. She has been doing her best in sending him to school as well as in his day-to-day activities. Owing to governmental and societal assistance, her child and other children from different corners of the country have been registering remarkable achievement.

What is really encouraging is that parents have become very keen to contribute what they could to every success that seeks their utmost support. Marking World Day of the Disable has, therefore, been an occasion where parents could exchange ideas and experiences about respective challenges they come across while nurturing physically challenged children.

There are a number of parents with physically disability, who therefore have difficulties in providing their children with basic needs. That is why the Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare has been working to assist not only disabled children alone but also to support parents who cannot provide their children with the basic necessities due to physical disability.

Through saving and micro scheme programs that has been introduced since 2005 a number of families have improved their leaving standards. Parents with disabilities have also been beneficiaries of the program.

The interest free loan the Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare has been offering to disabled nationals has so far made due contribution changing living standards of a number people, who could otherwise become dependent of people around them or of charity organizations.

Mr. Kidane Kusm is an x-freedom fighter who lost his sight during the period of the struggle for independence. Owing to a loan of interest free Nakfa 30,000 he received from the Ministry of labor and Human Welfare, he started to run a small scale business by just opening a species shop. Through such a loan he has not only managed to become bread winner of this family but also plans to expand his business activities through huge loan he would obtain from the same Ministry.

The experience of Mr. Kidane is just only an epitome of different assistive measures that has been taken by the Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare. All the efforts that have been exerted by the people and government of Eritrea is thus directed towards bringing remarkable change in the living standards of people with different sorts of disability. The assistive mechanism that has been taken by different concerned bodies coupled with the unremitting efforts the disabled nationals have been exerting has been the key towards the success that has been achieved and more importantly the can do sprit that has been inculcated in their minds is what played significant role in developing a sense of being independent and self-reliant. No matter what sort of assistance has been given to disabled nationals it is the self-motive within them that enabled them to register gratifying outcome in every activity they set out to accomplish.

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