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“My students love me simply because I love them more”.

An urbanized and advanced civilization sets its foundation upon a strongly advanced and knowledgeably matured society. For this matter the character of teachers assumes a very important role in creating an even resilient community. Let’s meet today Mr. Bereket Haile, born in 1977, graduated in 2004 from the university of Asmara and he has been a respected history teacher ever since.


-How did you lose your sight?

I was five when I completely lost my right eye’s sight in an accident, so ever since I was young I attended the school of the blind as my left eye’s vision as well was going weaker by the day.

-Was it hard to attend in such kind of educational structure?

The school for the blind was at the beginning totally hard to cope with, but in time it became like a very ordinary and natural thing. Since we all went there with a disability we had with in us a warm and strong sense of helping each other and we used to lookout for each other. What amazes me the most though is the fact that all of the students of that school: … we were working so hard in getting high marks the fact that we are incapacitated was not going to stop us from being people with remarkable futures; so we were always together studying and pulling all-nighters and making sure we were nothing less than the best as students. I carried out this approach through out my entire academic carrier: matter of fact in high school and at the university I was a proud blind student, so in few words my experience in the elementary and junior school for the blind actually helped me a lot in overcoming my complex. It was honestly great.

-You have been a teacher now for…

It has been almost ten years now.

-And how was your first reaction?

The first day of my carrier as a teacher started off in a high school senior class, I felt like the students’ eyes were going to bombard me. But they didn’t… luckily! Obviously it was a bit stressing: I was inexperienced and new so I was frightened that would have failed in delivering to my students. But in time since I took my job seriously I began to be more than confident when teaching. I can feel it when my students are following my lessons or when they’re not: so I flexibly try to make my lessons dynamically lissome for them to follow me without destructions.

-Is it stiff being a blind teacher of non-blind students?

It was definitely at first, but now I am used to it and so are my students. Honestly speaking in our community as we grow up we learn the value of respecting the elders and respecting each other in order to gain self-esteem, it feels like a natural flow: so given that we have good ethics and manners, my students just like most of the youngsters out there have a great sagacity of “respect”. They venerate me as a person and as a teacher, so I have no problems in my relation with my students.

-I hear you are a loved teacher.

Yes, humbly speaking: my students love me but simply because I love them more. I am immersed in my job my aim is to make history class as pleasurable as possible so my students can enjoy what they are learning without stressing too much. I firmly believe that students must not be held in a state of worry and panic: one cannot install knowledge in their brains by yelling at them or by being mean. Teachers along with the parents have the obligation of making the students feel valuable: make them believe that they were born to be respected figures no matter what they do as grown-ups, we should find out their talent and help them enhance it and if they have weak points we should assist them in gaining enough confidence to overcome them. I think every teacher has his or her operative teaching method so I don’t want to judge but I think the manner I use has been approved by my students and it makes me dearly proud.

-Any future plans?

I would like to master in sociology and study political science if an opportunity is found but other than that I just want to keep on doing a respectable job as a teacher.

-Is there anything you would like to say before we end today’s interview?

I would like to thank my parents for all the hard work they’ve invested in making me the man I am today and on top of that I would like to give my sincere regards to all of my students: they truly make my days!

-Thanks for being here with us today.

Pleasure is all mine! 

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