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Eritrea: Healthcare Promotion Continues To Payoff Part II

December 29, 2013 was a day which makes every graduate doctor, parents and the entire nation to be on cloud nine.  It was a day which reaffirmed the most demanding task is ultimately the most rewarded. A total of 56 locally trained graduate doctors means a big success in the promotion of Eritrea’s healthcare sector. What really amazing was that the new graduates represent different parts of the country which is indeed a vivid indication of the country’s widespread distribution schools from primary level to secondary schools.

Among the graduate doctors of 2013 is Mohammed Ibrahim from Adi-Qala. He successfully completed his secondary school education at Warsay Yikealo Senior Secondary School, Sawa,and joined Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT) with a GPA of 3.8. After two years of study at the EIT, he managed to join Orotta School of Medicine. “In the first years of Tertiary education there are vast topics one should rigorously study about” said Dr. Mohammed.

Starting from the third year of his medial study, Mohammed begun to enjoy the hands-on training courses. “The practical training program is what enabled me to have a foundation to successfully accomplish the rest of the training program,” Dr. Mohammed elaborated.

One year before their graduation, the medial trainees are made to get evaluated by external examiners. Thus, like other students of Orotta School of Medicine, Mohammed had to prove himself as competent as the set standards of qualification. He then, completed his internship courses while serving and enhancing his medical expertise in Massawa Hospital. Since Mohammed believes what he has studied is just a beginning of something big, he plans to specialize in certain medical fields. Indicating that medical science is a field where one gets learned about life until the last days of one’s life, Dr. Mohammed commended everybody who stood by his side until he succeeded in the academic pursuit.

All the medial graduates express their aspiration to enhance their knowledge through continuous skill upgrading training courses. Solomie Zemichael on her part said that the training courses that continued for eight years seem very long period of time and it demanded her extensive efforts to reach what she is today. “I began to get immersed each day to what I was studying. It has become part of my life and I have learned there is nothing unreachable.” Dr. Solomie said.

“Eight years is not a short period of time. But, we have managed to succeed in our studies owing to unremitting support by our families and by the Eritrean people and government” is a remark by a newly graduate doctor-Habtom Tewelde. “We have begun the never ending journey and we are to learn something new each day,” Dr. Habtom said.

Expressing she wants to specialize in pediatrics, Ms. Asiya Zeru also a graduate doctor said I had some pressure in the times where Sudanese’ external examiners where evaluating our competence for about five months. “During the very start, my parents had concern that the education program goes for about eight years bearing in mind that I am a female and time is a big concern to families of female students,” Dr. Asiya said. Her mother, Mrs. Fida Ghabir said “we were anxious of the lengthy time of education. But, eternal glory be to the Almighty that my daughter has succeeded in what she aspired to achieve. She convinced us with her undying hope saying the day of her success in nearing.”

The achievement of the new graduate doctors is a success not only on the part of their parent and their friends alone, but a national success. Their contribution would definitely speed up the achievement in the targeted goal of health related Millennium Development Goals.

Dr. Efriem Tesfay, also among the graduates, said “It has now been 20 years since I started my educational journey.” Dr. Efriem further said “The more you get educated the more you understand about the value of education and thus one’s appetite towards knowledge gets intensified.”

According to Dr. Efriem, while taking the medical courses, the students were engaged in theoretical and practical studies for 24/7 and while in internship there were times they get engrossed for 36 hours of work.

So, what has been achieved so far in the health sector is to be commended and what attained by the students of every medical field deserves a fruit that corresponds the hard work. There is indeed nothing satisfactory than curing people who would otherwise die due to lack of minimal medical assistance.  The reward of these graduate doctors has therefore been a moral satisfaction that steams from their unyielding effort to save lives of their fellow nationals.

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