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Reality versus Reality

Demet and Haregu were enjoying their coffee one Sunday morning in the house of the former. Suddenly Demet’s cute daughter, aged two, had convulsions. Oh what a cursed day, murmured Demet. I know my daughter had an attack of the evil eyes of that cursed lady X. You can see how this devilish lady disturbs our warm get together she roared furiously. I do not know how I have to revenge on her, she continued with heated anger. Haregu being a relatively learned lady and with a quite liberal mind could not tolerate what her friend had surmised. She therefore, told her dear friend that her daughter’s attack is merely because of high fever, which can be a cause of any kind of ailment. Feel her, she continued, and accept the reality, she said, attempting to advise her friend Demet. I know what the reality is, responded Demet, turning her face in frustration.  It is exactly what I told you. That devilish lady had her archery again on my daughter. Look how the eyes of my little angel are rolling 360 degrees. In fact I sensed it a while ago when my left eyelid was quivering. My sixth senses told me that something was to happen and this is the reality my dear Haregu, she added. Meanwhile Demet immediately fetched cold water, have a little white cloth immersed in it, and she gently put the wet cloth on the forehead of her daughter.  She also brought a reservation of holy water from a little bottle which was locked in the cupboard. She gently sprinkled the sacred waters on the forehead of her daughter.

In a moment of silence, Haregu has to contemplate to herself on how to persuade her friend Demet understand the reality. She was wondering how Demet could be blind to the reality. Her daughter has surely had fevers simply because of some infection. Can’t she realize this, she thought for herself? Similarly Demet has also to say to herself how this friend of hers could be so ignorant of the reality of the inflictions of the evil eye.  Does some education make one sightless of the powers of the evil eye? , she said to herself. Each one of them was confident of what the reality was.

Haregu took the lead in breaking the silence that momentarily overwhelmed the atmosphere in the room. My Dear Demet, she said, what we have to understand is that “Reality” is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined. Obviously your little daughter has convulsions because of high fever as you can feel her. It would be pointless to have an unrealistic imagination.  I think we both have minds to see things deeply beyond the sphere, were the response of Demet. May dear Haregu, how can you be oblivious to the reality of an evil eye?  What is the purpose of your being a learned person, unless your mind can comprehend things beyond the horizon, she added. Haregu felt helpless in her argument. However she has to confidently confront her friend’s state of derailed thinking. Well, Haregu said, unless we have to observe with all of our senses the really that does exist in front of our own eyes; we can not be thoughtful of the consequences. This will then lead us to dig out what the real causes would be. It is because of objective analysis that great researchers were able to find variety of medicines, in that power house of theirs, the Laboratories.  Contrarily however, Imaginations will simply leave our mind obsessed of the unrealistic world. We will feel tied up to our thinking and we can not embark on any practical work, because we can not make head or tail of it. Therefore there will not be any room for development if we simply focus on the intangible. My friend Demet, Haregu went on, we are born to see what the objective really is, and then seek solutions. Now think, Demet; with what kind of powers is Lady X possessed of, that she has such might to inflict havoc on your daughter? If this so called lady X has occult powers, why don’t you have similar powers for your self defense or to hit her back? At this stage Demet seems uncontrollable in her speech. At the pitch of her larynx she said “I hate to posses such cursed powers. How your right mind would imagines that I should or you should, for that matter, possess such wickedness.  I absolutely abhor such things. But the reality is that she is the culprit. No doubt about it. It is not her first time and nor will be her last. The rays that comes out from her eye has torpedoed on many young children and teenagers. The whole community is aware of her malicious acts.” Haregu was sensing that her friend Demet was drifting from the world of reality. It reminded her of the following quotation “Ignorance has prevailed so long only because people do not want to find out the truth.” Edward Everett Hale

Haregu was quick to interrupt her friend Demet when she told her “…and the whole community knows that they do not have any evidence to sue her to court or even to retaliate. Can’t you think that the whole community is apparently obsessed of imaginations?” Demet seems to enjoy the argument feeling that her friend Haregu as if falling off down the cliff from the right imaginations. She said, you know Haregu, the whole community can not be wrong; she challenged her, because the whole community knows what the reality is. Haregu has to contain her distressing feelings and therefore she, quietly suggested to her friend Demet that when there is no concrete evidence of pointing her finger to that Lady X, she, or the community, has to question herself or themselves whether her or their mind is exercising the right approach. What Demet needs is, she thought to herself, the confidence to confront the world of reality.  Why would you let your mind be obsessed with the fear of the unknown, she cautiously asked her? Meanwhile Demet felt relaxed when her daughter’s fever subsided. She confidently advised her friend, Haregu, to use her sixth sense to find the world of reality. She told her that her friend Ejom has advised her to beware of that Lady X and not give her chance to shed any glance at her children. But, evil as she is, this Lady X has to find some opportune moment to hurl such powerful rays from her eyes shrouded in evil.

Haregu has to contemplate for some persuasive words that could help her friend Demet, to see what could be comprehensive in reality. So was also Demet felt that she has to think of some persuasive words to make her friend Haregu believe in reality. What is reality for one is not reality for the other, and vice versa it appears tug of war between Reality Vs Reality.

‘We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.’  Ayn Rand —

Haregu’s mind clicked to the memory of an old story as she was eager to share it to her friend Demet. It was a story that had bewildered a village community for some time till the truth has to be revealed eventually.

Listen Demet, Haregu said, and she hoped the short story she will tell her will show what reality would actual mean.  In a certain village, Haregu started to tell her friend, that there lived a cleric who was feared to possess some magical powers that could cure or harm people. Once upon a time a certain respected lady in the village passed away, leaving behind her children. Shortly thereafter the cleric bought a mule. Coincidentally rumors were circulating around the village that the mule of the cleric was believed to be the late lady, transformed into a mule by his magical powers. Seeing the little stream of tears that shed from the mule, the villagers interpreted that the late lady weeps in grief as she always sees her children but barred from communication. Oh! Poor she! they said, and according to them she remains helpless as she could not return back to humanness . It remained, however, that the rumors were alien to the ears of the cleric. There was one middle aged man who had closer relations with the cleric. It happened that the rumors reached his ears. Thus one day the man took a deep breath and boldly told the cleric about the rumors circulating in the village. In a bemoaning tone the man lashed his friend as to why he had to perpetrate such despicable acts by transforming the lady into a mule. The cleric was utterly shocked to hear such gossip about him. How could this happen, he questioned his friend? For him it was absolutely nonsense. Meanwhile he asked his friend to convene a meeting of all the villagers. He felt it is essential to explain the reality. In a convenient day the villagers were summoned for a meeting. In addressing the audience the cleric thanked his friend for venting out the gossip being told about him. In his speech he told the villagers that , First and foremost if I were to have magical powers of what you think I can do , I would not have hesitated to transform the two muscular  young men amongst  you into oxen to  plough my farm land. The fact is that I do not have the powers to transform any living entity to any other entity of my choice. I have to honestly and confidently inform you that, I have bought my mule for village Y. You can visit the seller and ascertain for your self. I would advise you, therefore, not to fill up your mind with unfounded stories. You have to embrace the reality. Some were relieved to hear the statement of the cleric. However some would still doubt the certainty. The rumors would continue for several more years.

Thus my friend Demet we need to have inquisitive mind. We need to find by ourselves the world of reality, said Haregu. Demet was quick to struck Haregu when she asked her. “Would your right mind believe that a person would reveal his secretes by his own words”? He will definitely be tempted to hide my dear friend Haregu. You have also to realize the world of mystery. So do you think the villagers’ gossip was right? Haregu asked Demet.  Sure it was as the world of mysteries has its own realities.  Well anyway retorted Haregu, let us have our own ways in believing things. Ultimately reality will reveal itself. I would agree responded Demet.

To treat your facts with imagination is one thing, but to imagine your facts is another?  ~John Burroughs

During one sunny, middle of the week, day,   Haregu and Demet visited their friend Misla, whose community was celebrating religious festivities. Food and drinks were offered lavishly in Misla’s house. After devouring to the brim of their capacity, Misla asked her guests as to how they found the preparations. In a split of seconds Demet assured Misla that it was delicious and admired her dexterity. Haregu, however, indicated that the food lacked the wonderful hands of Misla. It was not as delicious as compared to the previous year and as it use to be. Demet was stunned. She seems to bulge her eyes from their sockets in disapproval. However Misla seemed to accept the criticism. She vowed that she will prepare a nice food in the next festivities. I like Haregu’s frank statements she added.

When the two friends left the house, Demet almost shouted to her friend Haregu accusing her as to why she has to let her down and how dare she was to criticize Misla. What are you talking about Demet? Haregu asked gently. I only told her what I feel and that is the reality. Still furious Demet admitted that the food was rather not delicious. Yet she still believed that it is unrealistic and contrary to our norm to criticize any one. So do you want us to dwell in an endless gossip? Haregu challenged Demet.  If you do not tell anyone the reality you can not expect an improvement in one’s way of performing things Haregu added.  I am not for that Demet seemed to state adamantly. It is unrealistic to blast on someone’s activities. Haregu asked in surprise, did I blast on Misla?  Whatever I told her is basically for her own benefit. I believe one should appreciate to be told what one feels as long as it is realistic and lays the basis for future improvement. My approach was gentle and Misla accepted the criticism. Do you think she has accepted the criticism? I do not think so, Demet ruefully commented. I am sure she will misinterpret that your comments were meant to demoralize her, she added. That is your own misinterpretation, not hers, responded Haregu angrily. You have to know that, Haregu continued, our judgments will in no way denigrate the intelligence of Misla. I am also putting myself in the sphere of any judgment. I would be happy if you can give me your candid comments on my performances. It would be essential to know that an objective observer is more likely to detect our errors than we are. However Demet continued to remain unmoved. She advised her friend Haregu that, Misla or anybody else, for that matter, will not be ignorant in realizing the situation. Therefore it was not appropriate to put forward any comments she advised here. Haregu felt that there was no need to continue arguing. Well we will discuss on this at a later date she said, shaking her head in disbelief. She said to herself only education can liberate and change ones observation and thinking. Demet felt pity for Haregu for her inability to ponder on mysterious matters in depth. It was all a matter of Reality vs. Reality 

What happens to the wide-eyed observer when the window between reality and unreality breaks and the glass begins to fly?  ~Author Unknown

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