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“I aim the arrows of my notes targeted at the heart.”

He considers music to be the one and only way of healing the human soul. The attribute he gives to music is divine as he always aims to deliver through his instruments heavenly and celestial kind of music that goes way deeper than entertaining or diverting people, he aims for a curative composition.
-Welcome, shall we introduce you to our readers?
Please… my name is Mohamed Hagos, I am in my mid-sixties and other than my daily life’s activities I practice music on a daily basis, I have done ever since I was a young kid.


-Is it just a hobby?

Well, I am not a professional musician but I do play my instrument so very often. I never published an album, never sold any of my compositions or anything that has to do with income. I do music for the sake of its gorgeous manifestation and it beauty; I do it because I know that it has magical powers that can heal the human soul. So to go back to your question I simply do want to categorize my music a hobby or simply a habitual activity, it means more than money or a hobby.

-People really love your compositions why is that?

I love my music because I aim the arrows of my notes targeted at the heart. And those who listen to my music always compliment me for that.  You know how sometimes you start moving your head to the beat even without knowing that you doing it or when sometimes you don’t even know the meaning to the lyrics and you end up loving a song, music makes you cry or lough… Things like that make music magically powerful, you can be entertained by music, dance with its beats, remember something through its tones and so many enjoyable things but I personally consider it as something therapeutically strong.

-What kind of style do you use?

Since I look in to tranquility of the inner self I usually go for serene and mild still, good natured music. This doesn’t imply that my music is I use in motion less; on the contrary it is full of emotions and sensations. I usually play with the flute, arm and harmonica and instruments able to convey such tranquility. I was enthusiastic about the Chinese and oriental music and I tried to mix these aspects with certain characteristics of my own to make an even emotionally bigger kind of music.

-You have many admirers but you don’t seem to be interested in publishing your music so that your melodies could heal generations?

My teenage friends and acquaintances from early to late twenties used to push me to go through that road, but I rather choose to keep on playing for them every time we gathered up to drink some “suwa”. Now am old but my passion is still the same so I actually thought about it so many times and heavens know how many times my family encouraged me to do so, but I believe that everything needs its moment and maybe my momentum has not arrived yet.

-It would have been nice if you could supply us more with your music.

I know… but as I told you before I don’t want it to be commercialized.

-Any future plans that might take us by surprise?

I don’t know… maybe or maybe not.

-Ok, anything you want to say to your countless enthusiasts and aficionados out there before we end our interview for today?

Thank you for or your love, and I am sorry I am failing in delivering my music in the modern ways any artist is doing. That is only because I consider it to be too astronomic that I want to preserve it spirituality intact, untouched so to keep it from abuse of any sort. But I promise you that if you ask me to play you music I will do it gladly even if I am busy what so ever. Thank you for believing in me, I enormously appreciate it.

-Thank you!

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