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Ceaseless Effort towards Securing Green Environment

Some people compare cutting down of trees as equal to gunning down a person. Taking into account people’s dependence on sound ecology, it makes one think of the dire consequences that could be fall upon people’s well-being in an environment where nature’s setting and all its natural floras are all in a mess. That is way a large portion of Eritrea’s youth have been engaging themselves in redressing the natural environment the way it used to be—a dense forest.


Afforestation programs have been underway since 1994. This task in not quit easy, but there is nothing stronger than that of people’s firm stance to a make change. That is why every person in this country is making an utmost effort not only to preserve but also to make a difference in areas that need a difference through planting trees.

The government of Eritrea and the Ministry of Education has of course been facilitators but, it is through an active participation of people that everything has become possible. According to reports from the Ministry of Education, a total of Nakfa 173 million has been dispensed in the efforts to redress the natural environment most notably in Summer Students Work Program.

The main focus of Students’ Summer Work Program has been in soil and water conservation. Much has been achieved through such work program. A large geographical area which hardly had any vegetation has now been covered with trees of different types and species.

The Summer Work Program used to be carried out by students from different secondary schools of the country. What is different is therefore, students from institutions of higher education have started to engage themselves in soil and water conservation so as to play due role towards achieving the envisaged goal.

In connection to the efforts that have been exerted towards keeping the natural environment intact, students from Eritrea Institute of Technology have become part of the joint effort. Thus, on 21st and 22nd of January 2014, members of the EIT take part in soil and water conservation activities in the environs around their college.

The soil and water conservation activities that has been carried out recently is aimed at reinforcing such like programs. What the students from EIT have done is aimed at preventing Emba Tekera dam that is under construction in the environs between Adi-Halo and Adi-Kefelet from being silted. Thus, some of the activities include construction of terraces, preventing water catchment areas from being eroded. Above 5000 student from the college have been part of the activities carried out in around 100 hectares of the aforementioned areas.

What is really encouraging is that administrative bodies of the institute including the vice president, Mr. Tesfamichael Haile have visited the site of activity. Such a visit by higher staff members of the college have boosted the student morale and become instrumental towards accelerating and achieving the mapped out plan in due time.

The students of EIT had also carried out such like activities in between March and May of 2013 in the environs of Mai-Nefhi and Himbrti enclosure areas.  In their last years soil and water conservation activities the students of EIT planted a number of seedlings in the areas around their college.

Mr. Goitom Haile, an instructor from the College indicated that there is no body who does not want to see a green area, but despite the good will most of the time it is hard to see people being part of the endeavor to change their environment green. Thus, Mr. Goitom called upon all institutions of higher education to follow their footsteps.

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