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Success of Teaching and Learning Process through Reinforced input of Stakeholders

Providing access to education has almost been realized throughout Eritrea.  There may be areas that need attention so as to enable every national have an access to education in the nearest vicinity. What really is of a primary concern at this time is however quality of education.

The efforts that have been exerted for more than 20 years has shown an impressive success in terms of overage. Hence, the focus need to be directed to providing quality education everywhere in the country.

The construction of schools from elementary through secondary and the establishment of institutions of higher education in different parts of the country is an indication of the attempts that have been made towards excellence in the education sector. In connection with the ongoing efforts that have been made to ensure quality education in all academic levels, a call has been made to reinforce participation of stakeholders for the success of teaching and learning process at a meeting conducted on 25 February organized by the Education Ministry’s branch in the Central region.

The main topic of discussion of the meeting in which Mr. Semere Russom, Minister of Education, officials of the Central region, members of the Assembly, parents’ committee, directors, supervisors as well as other stakeholders participated was to find ways towards reinforced participation of stakeholders for the success of teaching and learning process.

The recently held meeting has highlighted the common causes that could shade a negative impact in the teaching learning process. Thus, the participant of the meeting organized by the Ministry of Education has discussed on a number of issues that are believed to be remedial solutions to problems that have been seen in the education sector. What the participants of the meeting mainly stressed on is finding ways to motivate teachers so as to become more productive in their carriers.

On the occasion, Ms. Halima Mohammed, Head of the Education Ministry’s branch in the region, said that different evaluation mechanisms have been introduced and thus the trainings provided as regards method of evaluating students and for new teachers and directors have made significant contribution in reinforcing the teaching and learning process.

There have been occurrences in which a delay in every start of new academic year has been witnessed. As regards such delays Mr. Mesfun Woldeselasie, Head of basic education, indicated that all schools commenced their programs on schedule and that measures have been taken to alleviate shortage of school material, and that strong follow-up is being conducted to avoid unjustified absence of teachers.

Another factor which has been a primary factor for a 100% success in the education sector is also the issue of an increasing number of dropouts. Hence, Mr. Yohannes Solomon, Head of High Schools Affairs, explained that vigorous efforts are being exerted to minimize students’ dropout, and that as a result female school enrollment and competence are on the rise.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kahsai Gebrehiwot, Administrator of the Central region, called on parents and teachers to work hand in hand with a view to nurturing youth equipped with education and societal values.
Equipping all institutions of education with necessary materials, and nurturing versatile and competent students is an areas in which the people and government of Eritrea have been strenuously engaged in.

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