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Everything happens for a good reason

You wake one day and realize that you roused with a heavy heart, for whatever reason you can feel a whole or even more irritating your heart. Weather it is betrayal, duplicity of someone you truly thought you knew dawn to the bone, the guilty feeling that irrupts your sleep like a never ending nightmare. Whether it is you that betrayed or have been stubbed: most forms of joy one feels are destined to end leading to a dark and painful agony… and before you know it you’re just left with lively breathing memories. Might think that this moment is what marks the end of your life… but you know what? You are totally mistaken if you think so. What happens to the positive energy?  What happens to the positivity and optimism? Though your tears fell like it is going to inundate your room just gather up your energy get up of that bed and exhale all of your frustrations in the open air. Don’t look back and keep your journey ahead thinking EVERY THING HAPPENS FOR A GOOD REASON!

When a friendship of nine years suddenly ends and no apologies seem to be of use, when a lover runs away, when life plans crumble in a matter of seconds…. And when so many other bad things happen: choosing not to believe the tragedy is what we choose to do, but fooling ourselves won’t do any good. Why drug a dead case on and on? Why have faith in things of the past hopping that they can be fixed? More worst… why wait for the clock to tick backwards and propel us to the past? Though we know it doesn’t work that way we still want it to function so.

It is known that emotions have a direct effect on how our bodies work, so why let them destroy us? Shut our appetites, drain our energy?  To suddenly loose something, to let go of someone and not having what you were used to for a long time is truly scary, and that is why we choose to shelter ourselves in the corner  of a room and feel safe.  Fear-based emotions stimulate the release of one set of chemicals while love-based emotions release a different set of chemicals.  If the fear-based emotions are long-term or chronic they damage the chemical systems, the immune system, the endocrine system and every other system in your body.  Our immune systems weaken and many serious illnesses set in.  This relationship between emotions, thinking, and the body gets all messed up leading one to be hopeless. Though you cannot change or regulate your emotions. You can learn how to be with them, living peacefully with them, releasing them and you can manage them but you have no power to change them.

Memories that won’t go away can be a real burden when you feel hurt: good memories make you feel happy but if you hurting just the bad one happen to prevail:  If you keep remembering situations that  hurt  whom happened some time ago, you are guaranteed to have repressed emotions around this person or situation. You will need to pull this situation out and re-feel the hurt around it. Try to document these carefully since these are more than likely causing you much physical distress. And since we can’t change our emotion we might as well just deal with them by doing this gorgeous thing called Forgiveness. Start by forgiving yourself because forgiveness is something that occurs as a result of owning and releasing your emotions. We often reach for forgiveness without doing the work required to release emotions of pain and anger. It is probably the hardest thing to do, what if you forgive but nothing goes back to the way it was?

But hey, that doesn’t mean that we’re doomed! We are not, if else: we should tell ourselves that we are lucky in the luckless situation. We fail but we can learn how to stand up, we cry but we learn how to laugh even though we are in pain. Unfortunates are the strongest: we might not know it but these “bad things” happening to us are amazing eye openers! We must learn how to give a little space to the pain we feel and give a bigger place for hope. It might take a while but it works; struggles after struggles, failures after failures, misunderstandings after misunderstandings makes one grow sturdier than ever.

How so?  It is little bit hard but I assure you that the outcome is super delicious and exquisite. If you think always positive it sometimes makes you feel stupid right? You know better that anyone that life is full of bad and good things just think how to have more positive thought by being cautious of the bad things that can occur… remember since you were hurt you are experienced so you should tell apart bad from good. I hear a lot that if you fully think of only and exclusively “good things” bad things don’t happen to you. If so I might as well lie on my bed all day long and just think; imagine a smooth life!  Unfortunately that doesn’t work; life is cruel roller-coaster not a fantasy of Disneyland! Obstacles are bound to slip under your toes; so what we do is: with positive thinking move past them and look for solutions. There will be uncertainty that we have to deal with every now and then, and we may have to face some of our fears but we will be able to continue to focus on what we want instead of the obstacles. Positive thinking doesn’t remove the obstacles but it does allow you to see past them. With positive thinking, you’ll also know that the world or specifically a precise entity personally against you. It’s just an event and you get to choose whether it’s good, bad, or neutral.

It doesn’t matter how positive you are, unexpected things are going to happen. Delays will occur, disappointments will happen, people will get sick, run away from you, and you won’t always get what you want. The trick is to realize that bad things aren’t always bad. Sometimes, they lead us in a far better direction but we needed that bad thing to make us realize that. It’s also how you deal with that disappointment that’s important. It’s not just glossing over the issue and pretending that it doesn’t matter. It’s handling it in a positive way and not getting trapped into just thinking about how sad and hurt you feel that things didn’t go the way you wanted.

Being positive doesn’t mean having a fake plastered smile on your face it means to be hopeful in the future. The past is not ours to manage neither is the future, but while the present lasts we can hopefully and positively work for a good present-day that will influence the future and create a better tomorrow. With real positive thinking though, you’ll know that it’s just one day. It doesn’t mean that your life is always going to suck. It’s just temporary. But, you’re a human being and naturally you get to feel sad sometimes. Don’t expect others take responsibility for your actions and to take control of your life. If for example a friend decides to go on his/her separate way don’t force it too much if the other party seems to be dead set, most likely you’re going to end up disappointed but hey, just go on with your life and as you will, you will have new experiences where you can find people that have same interest as you and will one day desirably appreciate your presence in their days and so will you. Same works with relationships, different aspects of life and before you know it better opportunities will come up. Stand heartache to heartache, it won’t hurt for so long!

My father recently asked me saying how my life and the world felt as he saw me painfully troubled by some things: my answer was “a big burning fire hovel”. He then told me a phrase that I will never forget and will definitely pass dawn to my children, nephews and my grandchildren, he said: “do you know how gold is crafted? Though the fire…” And then I said to myself: yes, my life might suck now but it is just going through fire to be assuming a gorgeous design for me to enjoy tomorrow! So shall we all start rationally trusting that every bad thing happens for a good reason: Which is the perfection of our existence!

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