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It is never a bad time for some reading

In the past week from 28 to 31 March the annual Book Fair has been displayed at the Expo compound with the objective to promoting the culture of reading especially among the Eritrean youth. As the number of readers has been growing pleasantly, on these past three to four years books of various and vigorous colors have been and still are being published.

The 13th Annual National Book Fair, famous for maddening room for the exchange of experience and other activities, it summoned more than140 institutions related with the Print Industry and countless book-lovers. It also had juncture staging exhibitions, seminars, student undertakings and book sale at fair price. It seems like now-a-days youngest generation have incorporated in its daily life routine the notion of reading, and schools along with the community are doing a great job in giving the young generation a strong foundation.

It is known that reading greatly benefits the brain because it stimulates several parts that control the level of reasoning, problem solving and emotions, as it facilitates skills retention and also improves creativity. People have wondered–especially the young people-why reading is important. There seems so many other things to do with one’s time, why does “Reading” happens to be one of the most important activities of a “must be done” rank in our lives?

Good readers can understand the individual sentences and the organizational structure of a piece of writing. They can comprehend ideas, follow arguments, and detect implications. They know most of the words in the text already, but they can also determine the meaning of many of the unfamiliar words from the context-failing this, they can use their dictionary effectively to do so. Educational researchers have also found a strong correlation between reading and vocabulary knowledge. In other words, students who have a large vocabulary are usually good readers. This is not very surprising, since the best way to acquire a large vocabulary is to read extensively. Furthermore, the activity of reading is encouraged because unlike watching television, playing with various gadgets or even listening to loud and dynamic music in which the constant movements along with the noisy sounds disturb the tranquility of the brain; reading prevents such agitations by relaxing the brain cells in a silent manner, in addition to it the blank ink on the white papers are way more less disturbing to the visual sight. It lowers the heart rate and muscle tension.

According to the study, reading is a lifestyle choice that is also driven by a desire to unplug from a constant stream of visual information. It has been confirmed that for many it’s better for them to imagine things in their head than watch them on TV … It’s an alternate to TV that beats TV every time … must be refreshing to immerse in a book or a novel and get outside or selves. Matter of fact one of the benefits of getting outside yourself by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes through a novel is that it improves theory of mind. Reading a good novel allows your imagination to take flight. Novels allow you to forget about your day-to-day troubles and to transport yourself to a fantasy world that becomes a reality in your mind’s eye. Rarely is the movie adaptation of a book ever quite as good as the original novel. Even the most advanced special effects will always fall short of the visual power of your own imagination.

Knowing so, I think children must be fed on words since a young age as for them to adapt the habit of reading. Based on so we can proudly say that the Eritrean community, preschools and elementary schools are doing a good job. We should path ways for the young ones as the word – spoken and written – are the building blocks of life.

Stressed out? Pick up a paperback. Read it with the young ones of the family, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee or go outside and read while being refreshed by some soft breath. Reading is really relaxing so I guess it is never a bad time for turning pages.

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