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Securing healthy life style through judicious utilization of Water

It is indeed needless to mention the importance of water for the very existence of any creature. Apart from symbolizing life, water has to do so many things in a nation’s development of any sort. It is more likely to see any given nation endowed with abundant amount of water to by far flourish in every aspect of economic sector. There could be no reliable development of infrastructure or any sort of industrial development with meager amount of water. That is why judicious utilization and management of water becomes a topic of great concern in all nations no matter whether endowed with abundant amount or riddled with scarcity of water. Every sort of development that happens throughout human history is due to the presence of water. Water for agriculture, water for industrial plants, and water for infrastructural development and, all in all, water for a normal development of everything. Most major cities are situated very close or in the heart of water sources. The water sources could be underground or surface water resources. Countries like Eritrea have a short period of rain season, and hence there are times the amount of water impounded in the rainy season could not sustain until the next rain season and thus the dependence on underground water is not choice but rather an obligation.

As unwise use of water could affect the proper growth of a nation and also as could affect the living standards of nationals, a seminar that discussed about the abundance, safety, and management of water resource and particularly that of underground water resource of the Central region was held on 14 April 2014.

In the seminar a number of managers and heads of different industrial plants such as tannery, textile, beverage and soft drink, construction companies, different ministries, members of the PFDJ, members of the central region assembly, administrators of sub-zones, service giving enterprises as well as other concerned bodies took part.

The primary objective of the seminar has been to discuss and understand the current situation of underground water and to thereby find ways and means of judicious utilization and to ultimately prevent reduction in the amount of underground water due to a less amount of water during the rainy season.

Deficit of water has been a recurrent problem in the Central region and particularly in Asmara. Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Mebrahtu Eyasu, Director General of Water Department in the Ministry of Water, Land and Environment, said that the quantity of water in Central region and particularly in Asmara city is greatly affected by the amount of water that is impounded during the rainy season. Hence he said that there is always a doubt as regards the sufficiency of water that could be utilized in different development undertakings and the usage of water in households. What Mr. Mebrahtu stressed most has been that if the underground water resource of the Central region is managed well and if proper hygiene activates are carried out the intensified concern about deficit of water could be alleviated by far. So, increasing people’s awareness as regards judicious utilization of water was discussed as the only remedial solution to the existing shortage of water.

Different research papers that discussed about potential amount of underground water, activities carried out to register all available wells, safety and cleanliness of water and other topics that are related to proper management of water were presented in the seminar.

Based on the presented research papers there are 568 registered wells and 74 of 114 that were tested for their hygiene and safety, and saltines were found up to standards whereas the rest 40 wells were found to be salty and thus undrinkable.

The presenters of the research papers and experts of water resource who took part in the seminar recommended that a lasting solution that could alleviate Asmara city’s deficit would be privatization of water processing plants, setting up of efficient water distribution system, and enrichment and proper management of underground water among others managerial measures.

Finally, Mr. Kahsay Ghebrehiwet, Administrator of the Central region said poor awareness about the utilization and management of water has been posing threat at times when there is no ample rainy season. He also recommended for a continuation of such like seminars so as to make due contribution towards raising awareness as regards water utilization and management.

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