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We don’t want aid. Please keep it for your local poor!

The most fierce defendants of Aid to Africa are now mostly non-Africans, while most Africans are asking to stop it. Take the example of one small East African nation Eritrea. They declared self-reliance and refused to ask foreign aid.

Since then they’ve started building their country and have good results. “Keeping with its self-reliance policy, the government of Eritrea stopped requesting any financial assistance, and fully cut-off all third party NGOs that were financially sponsored by the west after 2006. The Eritrean government believes that foreign assistance breeds a culture of dependency that shackles African countries into a cycle of poverty”.

One Eritrean official declared “Aid only postpones the basic solutions to crucial development problems by tentatively ameliorating their manifestations without tackling their root causes. The structural, political, economic, etc. damage that it inflicts upon recipient countries is also enormous.”

According to Wikileaks, once in 2008, Hilary Clinton was found to say,
“Eritrea is bad example of good governance”. What a bad example Eritrea is showing! What if more African countries would follow their example! Self-reliance ideology is a threat to the well proven exploitation scheme in place around the continent.

Eritrea must be punished!

The country ended up in economic sanctions under the pretext that the country is helping Alshebab in Somalia. But the truth is pretty clear Eritrea stands against all forms of neocolonialism, political, economical, etc.

In a previous post I’ve called on Africans to Chase The Charlatan Experts, Be Wary Of IMF & World Bank, because the hard truth about aid is this: The mission of the fisherman is not to feed the fish. If the Fish doesn’t understand that, it’s the fish problem. If it’s free, you are the product!

And, as Thomas Sankara put it “He who feeds you, controls you.” Obviously, if foreign aid would develop any place, Africa would have been be the most developed continent in the world.

International AID is currently doing more harm to Africa than good. It became the main tool used by foreign governments and organizations to corrupt the African elite, and get them to behave so irrationally toward their own populations and the basic interest of their

Aside corruption and the criminality, International Aid is the root of the 5 Stars colonization disease that cripple the African elite which dislikes the responsibility and the self sacrifice that comes with being in control of a nation destiny. As far as they enjoyed the status offered by their positions, they never liked the responsibilities demanded by the jobs; therefore, they use international aid programs as substitute to their responsibilities.

If Africa needs any aid, the most urgent one is to get rid of the 40 billions corruption industry (called International Aid) that shackles its youth and elite, cultivates and maintains the beggar mentality.

How would you develop any country when the dream of the majority of its youth and elite is not entrepreneurship, innovation, education and self-sufficiency, but the dream to have a job with a humanitarian organization or to get their project financed by some International Aid Agency or proxy?

The road chosen by the people of Eritrea is not an easy one. They would face challenges at some point before they will get better. It’s just the law of nature. Like China faced many challenges before getting better and world superpower.


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