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Basic features of Southern region (Part I)

The Southern region is one of the six regions of Eritrea which is located in the southern part of the country with longitude of 380 15-390 40 east and latitude 140 15 north. It shares borders with the Central region in the north, Northern Red Sea region in the east, Gash Barka region in the west and Ethiopia in the south.

The total area of the region is 10, with about 800,000 population. It has 232 administrative areas ad about 997 villages. There are three ethnic groups namely Tigrigna, Saho and Tigre.

The region is composed of three climatic zones that cover with an altitude of 1300-3023; the highest area known as Mount Embasoira and lowest around Megerba Obel.

Dams and Ponds

The number of dams and ponds in the Southern region is the highest in nation wise. Encouraging work has been done on the soil and water conservation projects. To mention some of the works done-Hadadm, Rubashiro, Deqiliefai, Qeih-Kor diversion canals under which 1,789 hectares of land could be cultivated.

The number of dams and ponds at present are 145 and 255 respectively. The 107 dams and 254 ponds and the Hadadm diversion canals are constructed post independence.

Trees and Shrubs

In the three climatic zones of the highlands, semi-highlands and semi-lowlands various species of trees and shrubs grow. With this regard the following could be mentioned: Olea Africana, Ficus Sycomorus, Ficus Vasta, Acacia Albida, Acacia Tortilis, Acacia Senegal, Albizia Amara, Acaia Ethaica, Diospyros Sipliforms, etc.

The Southern region is rich in livestock population. The domestic livestock include-239,552 cattle out of which 11,821 are diary cows, 435,312 goats and sheep, 489,246 poultry, 2463 pigs, 14,348 beehives out of which 4,237 are under modern beekeeping, 77,636 donkeys/mules/horses, and 7294 camels.

The progress in diary and poultry is in good condition. The production achievement is attractive.

Wildlife Animals

Aardvark, African Civet, Klpspringer Porcupine, Python, Jackal, Monkey, Leopard, Francolin etc are among the wild lives found in the Southern region

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