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Exchange of expertise for mutual benefit

It has been reported by local media outlets that Sudan’s Health Minister have been in Eritrea for a working visit. This visit is indeed an indication of the endeavors the two countries have been exerting to foster a healthy partnership which would open a door for skill transfer and complementarity among medical professionals of these two nations. Such like visits would not only pave way for a transfer of skill but the health ministries of Eritrea and Republic Sudan would get an updated information about infrastructural capability that are related to healthcare and technological breakthroughs that could be hardly imagined to be a possession of these two neighboring countries. 

It is, therefore, natural for the two parties to share the grace they have at hand rather than do everything in their own. What is missing in Sudan would be better fulfilled with that of Eritrea’s and what is lacking in Eritrea would also be efficiently complemented from that of Sudan’s. This way they could even solve medical problems that is outside of their realm for they would collectively work to find a better solution.

There have been numerous agreements that have been reached between the health ministries of Eritrea and Republic of Sudan. The recent working visit by Mr. Bahr Idris Abu Gara, Republic Sudan’s Minister of Health, is just a continuation of the already reached agreements that is aimed at exploiting mutual technical and educational opportunities in the health sector besides laying groundwork for higher collaboration.

The Fred Hollows Intra Ocular Laboratory (IOL) is first of its kind not only in Eritrea but also throughout Africa. Hence, the recent visit by the Sudanese delegation to such an asset which is a pride not only for Eritrea but also at a regional level indeed benefits both neighboring countries for it would enable them for a mutual share of technological advance. It would enable the Sudanese get a clue about the items produced in the Intra Ocular Laboratory and there by it could open a gate for import and export activity.

This is indeed a good reason which could motivate the two countries reach different agreements in the health domain. Healthcare facility that is first of its kind in Sudan but which is not available in the Eastern Africa or else in most parts of the continent is indeed an asset for Eritrea as Eritrea is geographically the closet country to make use of the facilities available in Sudan.

Mr. Bahr Idris Abu Gara has not only visited Fred Hollows Intra Ocular Laboratory but also made similar visits to Orotta National Referral Hospital Southern region’s Regional Referral Hospital in Mendefera.

The recent visit was not only confined to making visits to healthcare institutions of the country but the two parties made extensive discussions in different medical issues that seek mutual cooperation. In the course of the meetings conducted with different Eritrean healthcare experts and notably with Ms.  Amna Nur-Hussein, Eritrea’s Health Minister both sides extensively discussed implementation of the mutual agreements as regards partnership in health sector signed by both Governments in 2012, in addition to the existing opportunities concerning different technical and educational dimensions within the domain.

As regards his recent visit to Eritrea, Mr. Bahar said that the visit is just part of the growing relations of partnership between Eritrea and the Republic of Sudan, and that it is aimed at conducting discussing as regards harnessing mutual technical and educational opportunities in the healthcare sector as well as paving smooth ground for higher collaboration.

The future of such healthy initiatives of fostering good partnership has been witnessing commendable development and such sprit of mutual cooperation would be by far enhanced with the implementations of programs mapped out back in 2012. Thus, the two Ministers of health conducted extensive discussion on the progress of the agreement reached by both sides in 2012 on the health sector as well as on future cooperation on technical and training opportunities.

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