Business is booming.

“Music in two words? …Inspirational splendor.”

We saw previously Thomas Alazar’s professional feature as we took a petite dive in the enormity of his music. More follows on today’s third and final part of the talk we conducted with Thomas Alazar.

-Artistically speaking, how would you describe music?

Music on an artistic level, far away from business, any form of marketing or professionalism; is to me the echo of the inner sounds of our souls, the reverberations of the resonances of our spirituality.

-And how would you describe your music liking it to your theory on music?

I would like to link the music I have produced so far to the theory I have on music, it would be daring to abuse the magnifies of the natural power behind every and each kind of music. You see, even the greatest musicians on the human history such as Beethoven, Mozart and if I may recall the legacy of many international singers along with the singers of the past decades Eritrean musicians and singers, whom left behind some great musical heritage, never thought or felt that they ever had conquered the power of music. My music compared to theirs, my music compared to the magnificence they have reached… it is practically peanuts. But at least I am doing something, small but effective. This is why I never cease learning more or hesitate to consider my self as a learning artist. I have a long way to go and all I know is that I enjoy the musical journey towards harmonious achievement and that is very rewarding and definitely inspiring.

– Let’s continue and talk about your voice, it is a trade mark of your songs.

On the interview I held with V.O.A I was asked the same thing, I have a rather deep voice and lucky for me people like it. The voice is an important aspect for many singers, as for me my soul voice doesn’t give me all of the confidence a singer needs. I always contribute the same importance as my melodies and lyrics. The most significant fixation for me is the capacity of enhancing your voice with the music that you’re singing. Since I believe so, I take my time in arranging arrangements suitable for my vocal cords allowing my self to be comfortable in hitting higher and lower notes. Honestly speaking I personally think that usually deep kind of tones are most suitable in singing soulful and expressing songs, and in my case that is a plus for me as a singer.

-Let’s talk about your love songs; you are quite of a marvelous romantic for a though guy.

Who says a big and tough guy can defeat love? I am so very much romantic. I believe in love and love has rewarded me greatly so many times and naturally I went through some minor heart breaks. Either ways in my songs when I chant of love from different point of views, I put my self in different positions and from different points of view, but I try to be positive as much as I can because I love happy endings and I believe love can surely recompense human beings with happiness.

-Who is your role model?

I have several. I prefer listening to oldies and I am a big fun of Country music; their purity is amazing. Singers such as TekleTesfazghi, AbrehetTesfahuney and Tikabo W.Mariam are some of my favorites. Growing up I passionately listened to Abraham Afeworki along with Yemane Barya.

-Can I ask you something personal?

Let’s hear it.

-Your personal love life…..

Very gratifying, very happy with it. Is that about enough?

-Yes it is enough, thank you. What is your opinion on your fellow junior singers?

Many have been debuting lately, I truly admire them. They are very courageous and amazingly talented. I am pretty sure we will very soon witness an evolution in the Eritrean music industry, a new and fresh style very Techno like able of and that will most definitely reflect their flexible singing and dancing abilities will add a colorful brightness to the wide and rich Eritrean musical culture.I think we should support them.

-How would you define music in two words?

Music in two words? …Inspirational splendor.

-Any future plans?

Working on my third full length album; I will work hard and present the listeners with much more improved sides of my music.

Well good luck, I am thousands of fans are looking forward to it as much as I am.

Thank you.

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