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Basic features of Southern region Part II and Final

Road infrastructure

The Southern region has two asphalt roads (All weather) that connect the region from one end to the other end; these roads have great contribution to the transport facility and economic development. One asphalt road that starts from the Central region, Asmara, passes through Dekemhare, Segeneity, Senafe and continuous to the neighboring country Ethiopia. Likewise the other asphalt road starts from Asmara and connects Dubarwa, Mendefera, Emni-Haili, Adi-Quala and border of Eritrea and Ethiopia. From the 12 sub-zones 8 sub-zones benefit from the asphalt roads.
On the other hand almost every village in the region has access to feeder roads.

Water Supply

There has been made great efforts to solve the water shortages in various villages of the region as a result 78% of the population have access to potable water. And various water supply projects are under implementation to secure drinking water.

Health Facilities

Successful works have been achieved in the expansion of health facilities, protection and treatment of various diseases. At this time one referral hospital, 4 hospitals, 2 community hospitals, 46 health stations, 9 health centers 19 health post and 3 MCH are functional.


There is encouraging progress in education sector as well. In the region there are 69 community kindergartens, 62 kindergartens, 242 elementary schools, 87 junior and 26 secondary schools in total 486 schools providing educational service.


The Southern region has exiting potential for tourism industry. Some of the ancient historical attractions are Kohaito, Keskese, Belwwkelew (Metera), Ham, Endaba-Metae, war trenches of Adi-Begio, Egri-Mekel, Dekemhare front and other cultural and religious monasteries. 

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