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“Youngsters: don’t let temporary plunder completely take over their lives”

We have today a writer, director and a talented journalist; Mr. Debesay Weldu. He was born in Asmara on 1971. He studies and graduated in 2007 from the University of Asmara. He has been ever since 1992 an active member of the M.O.I, making a name for of a well-capable journalist and writer by presenting different famous and color full drama series, literary products and poems. We will today answer to the question “Mene’esey” magazines’ readers directed to Mr. Debesy Weldu.

-Thank you for coming. It is a pleasure.

Thank you for having me, the pleasure is all mine.

-Here are some few of the many questions we received from “Mene’esey” magazines’ readers…

Let’s hear them…

-Is there a reason why you always present works of different kinds one after another with in a short time of break? Usually it takes writers more than a year or more to come up with some thing new, what is the reason behind your speedy stagings? Though we admire your productions especially your sop-operas, wouldn’t this be hasty of you?

Ok, first of all we should all admit that with time comes maturity. The more time you dedicate it is more likely for one to have fermented outcomes. It is true that my stagings are frequent but this is where I have to make you notice that my productions are not of a monotone nature: if I present a drama the next thing that follows in the line would be a poetic work, or something of a different nature. I don’t write a drama series after another series or a screen play after another one. So the shuffling habit of me as an artist helps me have all the time in presenting fermented makings. I hope I am not doing a bad job, moreover thank you for supporting my sop-operas. I appreciate it.

-Beyene Hayle from Asmara chooses to appoint you as the “Eritrean Balzac”.

Oh, that is too much.

-He explains his comparison saying that your works have the power of representing the Eritrean society, its negative sides and its good traditions, just like Balzac did in his works. He furthermore explicates the critical approach your works have towards different aspects of ordinary daily life as well as the physiological aspect of your characters and the effects of it in their daily livelihoods. He praises you for that and asks if you do not fear rejection for your severe critics.

Honestly I am not, because by putting in light bad habits that occur to cross our daily lives doesn’t mean am solely criticizing and detesting my society. I am actually proud of the correctional habits engraved in our societies’ costumes and traditions. It is true some unpleasant things might appear because life is full of so many negative features; but what I want to highlight is the power of our behavioral aspects, the fact that our elderly have still the source of wisdom when this era we are living in is actually a gala of technology.  The beautiful and calming characteristic of the younger generations; the fact that our youngsters have all the respect towards the elders and never fail to acknowledge their mistakes and learn from them. In the social contest the 21st century is socked in right now to have such generation and to have our traditional and moral values livelier than ever is actually so amazing. I think we owe it all to the youngsters; they don’t let temporary plunder along with all of the side effects of globalization or the eras of technology completely take over their lives.

-This is a question of my own, are you inspired by Balzac?

As matter of fact I am, though I discovered him much more later.

-Mr. Girmay Yohaness (Sandiago), suggest having your sop-operas and mini series published in books. He says he and so many others would love to have your works amongst their favorite book collection on their shelves and in the ledges of their hearts.

The greatest Eritrean comedian of all time wants my works on his shelf? What an honor! Thank you Sandy! Honestly many people suggest the same thing. And I think that is a good idea too but other than coming up with new one I haven’t though of redoing my previous productions. I want to get full hold of the new ideas and inspirations I am getting for the time being. But sooner or later I will.

-We will see more questions on next week’s section.

Anxiously waiting!

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