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Nationals on Cloud Nine: Enjoying Carnival Shows and Communal Festivities

Carnival shows and communal festivities have been the noticeable activities that are annually featured in the week of Independence Day anniversary. There is communal participation in the carnival shows. Festivities organized by different administrative areas in connection with Independence Day anniversary also have a communal nature. Every community works to vividly and uniquely celebrate the hard-won independence. Different institution took part in carnival shows to show the activities they continued to perform. Everybody makes a level best contribution and thus everybody enjoys every aspect of the festive week. Independence is a fruit of unmatched endeavor and sacrifice on the part of each Eritrean family and thus everybody celebrates in unison to what is achieved through a united martyrdom.

Carnival shows have been occasions where hidden talent of Eritrean youth, the overall potential of different institutions and administrative areas as well as academic institutions and different industrial plants is showcased in the main streets of Asmara. As part of the programs organized to colorfully celebrate Independence Day anniversary, carnival shows have annually been conducted on 21st and 22nd May. Carnivals have indeed been platforms where advances made in every sector is shown to a number of people who flock to the main streets of Asmara so as to have a glimpse of mini central region presented through a vivid show. As the carnival show is inclusive of not only the 13 administrative areas of Asmara but the four sub-zonal administrations of the central region also took part, it gives clear picture about the livelihood and different assets of each respective sub-zone or administrative area. Carnival shows are always opened with the accompaniment of a marching band and in the presence of Ministers and Government officials.

Communal festivities have also been occasions where members of any community get organized in one platform and share what they have in a way that seem everybody is a member of a single family. All the parents are fathers and mothers of everybody and all the youngsters are sons and daughters of every parent. The communal festivities in each administrative area is organized by the communities and for the communities. It is a gathering of people from all walks of life. It is a get together in which everybody enjoys every moment in side a shared roof.

Recitation of poems, ululation of mothers, shouting of cheerful children, music that incite everybody to join the dance floor and so much other entertaining programs are all part of the communal festivities. In some communal festivities, school children have been among the most welcomed community members. Accompanied by music band, these children sung different patriotic songs and the national anthem and they also recite poems with their smattering utterances.

The way Independence Day anniversary is being celebrated on the basis of communal festivities in all sub-zones of the Central region is quite to be admired. Community festivities have been organized 13 administrative areas of the central region.

Communal festivities have not only been organized for the sake of celebrating Independence Day, but it is an occasion where all nationals look the path they come through and also map out a programs they would head to. Thus, the participants of the events comprising youths and elders noted the way nationals cherish national independence, and said that the nation would experience higher development thanks to the people’s virtue of work.

Carnival shows of 2014 have been organized to include a mixture of industrial and communal shows.  In the carnivals conducted on the 21st and 22nd May 2014, all administrative areas marched from all directions to the main streets of Asmara. The Harnet and Sematat avenues have become centers of attraction and thus people from the 13 administrative areas flocked with shows of different kinds. Each administrative areas have been represented with architectural works and other sculptures, paintings, different artistic works, cultural shows and real items that depict the unique asset of each respective area. Displays of different slogans, chanting of different songs by mothers were also part of the cheerful events.

Shows staged by different institutions include different industrial products and the way such items are processed. The progress they made since independence, and newly introduced machineries and introduction of new product lines are among the overall items showcased to a number of audience where were eagerly waiting to see any recent advancement in an area that stretch from Nakfa House to Bahti-Mseskerem  square.

This year’s carnival shows have been organized to be conducted in two phases. So, the first phase of the carnival show was inaugurated by the Minister of Local Government, Mr. Woldemichal Abraha, at Shida Square, and a total of 7 Administrations and 17 Institutions staged shows.

As regards the preparations made to conduct the carnival shows in an impressive way, Mr. Yonas Melles, Head of the Office of the National Holidays Coordinating Committee, said that the local Administrations and institutions have been making significant preparations so as to add color to the show, and that its specialty lies on higher participation of children.

The carnival show which was opened on 21st May continued on the 22nd May with participation of 6 sub-zonal Administrations and 24 institutions.

Among the audience including foreigners expressed satisfaction with the show and the spirit of nationalism depicted through it.

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