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National Chemical Society holds 8th Congress

The National Chemical Society held 8th Congress yesterday at Asmara city Hall.

Asmara, 31 May 2014 – The National Chemical Society held 8th Congress yesterday at Asmara city Hall. Speaking at the meeting, the Minister of Education, Mr. Semere Rusom, stated that the Society’s goal of developing and enhancing chemical science education research is in tune with the government’s principal objectives of furthering research activities as well as development in science and technology, besides human resource development for national reconstruction and socio-economic development.

He further indicated that the current globalized world, governed by knowledge economy, science and technology, plays a central role as regards overall socio-economic development of nations giving rise to improvement of peoples’ living standard. In connection with this broader understanding, it is imperative that professionals of respective fields organize themselves so as to coordinate their efforts to maximize efficiency and impact of endeavors in national development, the Education Minister added.

Also speaking at the meeting, Mr. Haileab Seare, Chairman of the Society, pointed out that the Society is 20 years old, and that it has been conducting promotional activities to inspire individual inclination to Chemistry, in addition to exerting efforts as regards promoting organization as well as coordination with other domains for significant impact in the nation-building process.

Various study papers were presented in the course of the meeting involving an exhibition.

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