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A sojourn that gives clear insight towards reinforced partnership

Sharing of experiences which could lead to skill transfer, mutual cooperation in every aspect of a well-established partnership and integration of associations that are from different geographical locations and hence different level of competence as well as different means of tackling challenges is the very essence of the bilateral ties that Eritrea and its national associations continue to strengthen with different parties from around the world. A recent visit to Eritrea by All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF) delegation headed by Ms. Meng Xiaosi, Vice President of the Federation, is an instance of strengthening bilateral relations at regional and international levels.

Through its recent visit the ACWF has learnt a few about the different activities that have been taken by the National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) in matters that concern women.

Members of the NCEW inside the country and from abroad have been making ample contributions in the efforts that have been exerted towards strengthening women’s competence in different disciplines. The ACEF would be able to have a glimpse of the overall activities that have been carried out by Eritrean women.

Different training centers have therefore been established in different parts of the country through active involvement of NCEW’s members. Such trainings centers have been established by women and for women. The NCEW has therefore been playing due role in administering such centers and in organizing different training courses.

In its visit to Eritrea the ACWF has got a chance to make visits in different institutions that are administered by the NCEW. Even though a three-day visit is not sufficient enough to learn a great deal of the country’s   overwhelming natural and significantly cultural resources, the delegation has made tours in  Emba-Derho, 12 km from Asmara and in the port city of Massawa.

In its visit in Massawa, the ACWF delegation was accorded a worm welcome by Ms. Tsegereda Weldegergish, Administrator of Northern Red Sea region.

Besides exchanging views focusing on strengthening relations and deepening the scope of cooperation in various sectors between the two countries, the delegation visited the regional Museum in Massawa and expressed appreciation for the contents thereof, including that which depicts the history of the Eritrean struggle for independence.

Through a tour it made in the Northern Red Sea region, the ACWF has gained a clear insight about Eritrea. The delegation also made a tour to Sheik Seid Island accompanied by officials of the regional administration.

The delegation members expressed conviction that Eritrea would realize its bright future as it possesses rich natural resources, coupled with the prevailing peace and stability.

A three-day stay in Eritrea has therefore enabled the ACWF to see the areas of cooperation that would be further enhanced through relentless efforts of both parties. This recent visit to Eritrea would become a directive to future mutual cooperation programs that would be mapped out in accordance to priorities.

In its sojourn the ACWF has observed Eritrea at a glance and has also learned some facts about Eritrea. This visit would open a venue for the NUEW to conduct such like visit to China and thereby to see future areas of cooperation.

Following the delegation’s tour of inspection, the regional Administration hosted a banquet reception for members of the All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF).

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