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Values: Guarantors of grand achievement!

History: mirror of values!

“Value” – to be specific societal value, is among the highly discussed topics in all societies from around the world as well as in academic disciplines like sociology and anthropology. “Value” is just an ordinarily word but it is impregnated in meaning as it tells and reflects dignity, livelihood,  and generally societal make up of any given nation and any given people. The details embraced in the word “value” are indeed countless. Most of the time and almost always, it hard to separate one societal value from another for the very existence of one value depends in the existence of the other. It is also in unison that different values reflect the overall picture and identity of any given society. Some societal values are routine activities which nobody gives a heed to them. But, those values that seem routine are of great importance for the survival, progress and above all for a unified and communal understanding among all members of a society. Every society, nation, and every region have its own values some of which have strong attachment to a historic background. Like other people from around the world, Eritreans have unique values of their own. As such unique values are theirs alone, they have a deep understanding of all their values which are determiners of their identity as a people.

Eritreans do not only have a deep theoretical knowledge about their values, they lead their day-to-day lives depending on such rich values of an ancient and of recent heritages alike. The positive impacts of Eritrean societal values were reflected in the past and are sustained in the present time. The importance of such dignified values has been practically seen through its positive impacts such as in societal well-being as well as in economic and political achievements which are guarantors of existence and continuity. Hence, it is significant to see Eritrean values in terms of its impact in societal stability, economic progress as well as positive political engagement.


Eritrean societal values have played dominant role in securing peace and stability. It is the collective output of all values, which by far reached to their higher realm of pragmatism during the struggle for independence that made Eritrean sovereign a reality.

Eritreans have sacrificed everything for a national cause and they endured unbearable challenges hardly to be surmounted by any creature. All Eritreans equally shared the ordeals of colonialism together; they collectively worked to put an end to any occurrence that stands as a threat to aggravate their challenges.

The Eritrean people has girded itself with a belt of mutual respect, mutual cooperation, and worked towards mutual victory. This very people has transcended all values beyond their limit and accomplished limitless and hard to imagine success stories. All such victories are achieved through adhering to societal values. Adherence to the societal values lastly paid off with triumph of independence.

Eritrean youth in particular has achieved victories that are self explanatory. Adhering to their societal values, youngsters of this country have continued to register remarkable achievement though sacrificing the cream of their youth in safeguarding their nation. History repeats itself, as they knew the value of independence; youth of the post independence period have bequeathed Eritrean values which are guarantors of existence and continuity. The collective result of Eritrean values have freed Eritrea from colonialism and safeguarded from invasion.

Needless to mention that the focal point and implementer of such dignified values is Eritrean Youth. It is this very youth who always feels proud of the achievements so far registered continued to accomplish wonders. It is the overall impact of youth contribution towards national well-being that makes every Eritrean feel proud of its identity. Love of a nation is not a theory in Eritrea. Love of one’s nation is then proved through making sacrifices towards securing its peace and stability and economic progress as well as through arming oneself with enhanced political awareness. The Eritrean people have continued to travel on this track of nationalism. This very people believe its societal values are timeless heritages which were instrumental towards the realization of past achievements and would continue to be tools for future success too.

As the Eritrean people nurtured all Eritrean youth in its cradle and as the youths have not yet failed in implementing aspirations of this dignified people, the credit of success stories  goes to all Eritreans of the past, the present, and to future generations. History will continue to tell grand achievement registered by Eritreans in all sectors. The dignified societal values which contributed most in achievements of all kinds would be always mirrored in the past, present time and in the future through history.

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