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Perfect Match: Beautiful Asmara And Its Young Ladies

There is a friend of mine, who usually gets attracted and too much engrossed by the overall beauty of Asmara’s (Asmarino) ladies. I could only guess about what makes him attracted to such an indescribable beauty for the exact reason behind his remark is not yet known to me. He usually exclaims saying “The ladies of Asmara…!”And ladies think of his over repeated remark as if he had a bad experience in a relationship. His reply is just so simple that ladies have never wronged him nor will they wrong anybody. “I have never heard of a lady’s misdeed against her lover, the reality is to the contrary” is what he says.

Much of his conversation is preoccupied with the topic of ladies’ beauty (the beauty of Eritrean ladies). If the conversation is mainly focused on the issue of ladies, it makes one feel engrossed to his rhetoric expression. As if one is ordered to be a listener alone, nobody wants to say any for the topic seems much relevant to him alone. He is indeed an expert in describing ladies’ beauty.

Asmara is indeed a beautiful city which is needless to say much about, but such a beauty is by far enhanced by the beauty of its ladies’.

“You have beautiful ladies, who are feast to the eyes, around the Cathedral Road,” once said an expatriate instructor who was teaching us English and African literature at Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT). His view about the beauties of Asmara was quite strange for us all; who were attending his lectures for he is a man in his late sixties. What is really true about the ladies of Asmara is that they attract any body regardless of age group. However, as if to agree with an Eritrean saying “A gold at hand is just like insignificant piece of cloth”, the beauty of Eritrean ladies continues to be an ordinary one for us all who get accustomed to such a great beauty and for those who are not yet awake to see the unique attractiveness they possess.

As if Asmara only let’s to have a beauty that equals to its prettiness, Asmarino ladies are exceedingly beautiful-a beauty that goes parallel to the city’s attractiveness. Thus, the ladies who make walks in the main streets of Asmara are perfect matches to be mingled with a scenery that is worth watching without being deviated. If someone is lucky enough, it is out of question that everybody would not hesitate to have an Asmarino lady to be his lifetime partner. They are in short the apple of everybody’s eye.

Once I saw a foreign tourist exited by the grace of Asmarnio girls, it called my attention to make a close observation of a beauty I was not much aware of. It was indeed a beauty that not only called my attention but also altered my views for it made me notice a beauty that was hidden to me.

Personal hygiene is an enhancement to their natural beauty is what another friend of mine says while he tries to admire ladies of Asmara. “Tidiness is what they are known for.” He says. They never grumble; not even when their well nourished hand nails get cracked due to an engagement in unpleasant household chores.

In the course of admiring the beauty of Asmara’s ladies, there is nothing these friends would not say about. If a survey is to be made by the Eritrean Telecommunications Service (Eri-Tel), the number of girls who always make flash calls would exceed by 100 folds of that  of the boys. It is surprising to read a text massage written by a number of ladies to be “Dewleley” (Please give me a call). If this is true, it is indeed another hidden thing which needs to be researched. But, no matter whether such a remark is true or not, it could not blemish the beauty of Asmara’s ladies.

At times, that is when a group of girls gather for a recreation at any given café in Asmara, they collaborate in paying a bill. However, they break the culture of sharing when a guy joins them. They just let him cover all the expenses, as if it is a taboo to pay a bill in the presence of any guy. However, ladies of Asmara are very clever in buying bus ticket even for a dozen of people, is what my friend says.

The beauty of Eritrean ladies is so incredible. And such a beauty has not come from an excessive make up but is rather so natural. Thus, they almost invest nothing to embellish their look. It makes one feel that there exists a clever sculpture in the womb of Eritrean mothers. One may mistakenly think that the streets of Asmara are closed for plump ladies. The truth is however, there are hardly any overweight girls. If someone happens to see a few ladies, who go to GYM to make exercise so as to lose some weight, it is mostly a pretense they employ when they need to hang around the main streets of Asmara. In an attempt to stay slimmer, ladies who regularly lose weight and who make frequent visits to tailor shops to resize their dresses are not few in number. Some tailors have regular clients- ladies who are always in tune with every new fashion. A number of Eritrean singer, who make close observation of such slim bodies have composed different lyrics that admire the beauty of Eritrean ladies and particularly about their perfectly shaped waists. The beauty of Asmarino ladies is indeed a fest to the eyes and above all their internal beauty has a soothing effect to the mind.


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