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“Vision is what is needed for success in all endeavors”

I met Abraham Zerizgi Teklezghi at the expo compound when I have been there to visit the village of innovation organized in connection with the National Eritrean Festival 2014. I have been captivated by the talents of the many youths that displayed their innovative items and Abraham has been one of the organizers. And I decided to have an interview with him with regards his past achievements and his responsibility in organizing such and exposition.

-Tel me who Abraham Zerizghi is?

My name is Abraham Zerizghi Teklezghi. I was born in 1969 in Asmara. I took my elementary education, to 4th grade at Godaif elementary school. And in 1983, I was a kid, I went to the field and joined the Revolution School at Zero (Zero is the name of the school). I have been there until 1983.

-Where did you go after that?

The EPLF had different workshops in the field through which it had been producing many items that have been essential for the revolution. And I got the chance of joining at the Electronics School. I learned there for about six years as a student and practicing what I learned through practice.

-Go on.

From that I was assigned to one of the EPLF units behind the front line and later after independence until 1994 as a radio communication. In 1995 I joined the Port Authority in Massawa as an electronics and communication expert. And in 1997 I got the opportunity to go to Germany for higher training in Electrical and Electronics Plants Installation and Maintenance.

-Where did you go after you came back from Germany?

At the time I came back from Germany in 1999, our country has been at war to safeguard the country from the TPLF’s war of aggression. And as any Eritrean I had to contribute my part. I joined the Eritrean Defense Forces staff of communication and contributed my part. After completing my assignment I joined the Eritrean Telecommunications Authority with the Radio Transmission Engineering section.

-How long did you stay there?

For few Years. In 2012 I joined the Ministry of Transportation and Communication department of Information, Communication and Navigation Technology (ICNT). My area of involvement in the Ministry is working in networking, providing advice in quality of electronics devices, installation. I also participate in conducting research on the kind of technology we need to introduce.

-Well! Besides your daily activities at the Ministry what extra job do you engage in?

I maintain and install electronics devices and provide advice with regards kinds of technology products one needs to introduce.

-I met you at the Expo Compound at the innovation center. What was your part there?

Every year such innovation products are displayed at the Expo in connection with the yearly festivals. Every year people come and visit them, and give their feed backs. Next year new items are exhibited. No one remembers or asks of where about the items that have been exhibited then. We don’t want to repeat that.  We are organizing a committee that provides advice to the youngsters who are involved in innovation activities.

-How do you do that?

We stay with them, identify their talent and provide them with advice on what they could do to develop their products so that the society could be beneficiary. One could produce an item of interest and if that is not developed and become household item of the society there is no use of starting it. And our objective is that these youngsters should be encouraged so that they develop their talent and produce more and quality items for the daily use of the society.

-What kind of innovations do you want to encourage?

Not all innovations are useful for the society to obtain. But there are some that are essential, if developed, in improving the livelihood of the society and environmental protection. Items like the electrical oven, an automotive that work with diesel, producing energy from waste are some that have been displayed at the expo that are essential if developed.

-What is your future plan?

I want to participate in activities that could make our youth active in all aspects of life, especially in innovation activities. The youth should not remain held by the electronic devices that produce western songs and films. It is good that they listen and watch that. But they should not remain hostages. There are lots of activities that we need to do to develop our country and it is with the participation of the youth that we could attain that. I want to participate in this noble activity. I want to teach the youth that if there is vision success is inevitable.

-I wish you all the best!

Thank you!

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