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I have been encouraged by Haddas Eritra newspaper to publish my book “Tomorrow”

His name is Ermias Solomon Habtemariam. He was born in 1982 in Asmara. He took his elementary school education at Selomuna elementary school, junior high school at Maitemenai School and high school at Asmara Comprehensive School. In 1999 he went to Sawa to for his grade 12 education. He participated at national school leaving examination and scored GPA that could enable him to attend college degree program. In 2004 he graduated with BA degree in soil and water. Ermias has been contributing different articles for the newspapers and magazines and recently he published a book titled “Tsebah” (Tomorrow). Excerpts of the interview that has been conducted with him follows.

-How were you in school?

I have been price winner throughout the years of my education.

-You have been graduated in soil and water conservation. But you are more engaged in literature, how is that?

When I joined the university my friends from the university and from the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students used to encourage me produce articles for they knew that I had the potential. And I was assigned at the national union at the News and Public Relations office.

-What were you doing there?

I have been working as an editor of the articles that have been sent for different newspapers for publication. I have been also editorial board member for the magazine “Menisei” (Youth) that is being published by the NUEYS.

-And you are an employee of the Ministry of Agriculture.

After I finished my national service at the NUEYS I was assigned to the Ministry of Agriculture. And because I have strong attachment with literature I am working as head of publication and documentation at the Ministry’s Public Relations office. That means I have been working outside of my profession. While working there I started the weekly column of Haddas Eritra newspaper “Agriculture and Food”. Currently I am working at the ministry’s inspection office.

-You are also the producer of the “Assei” series book. Since when have you been interested in children?

I have been sending articles to the children’s radio program since I was a kid. And when I joined the NUEYS I have been producing lyrics for Wari cultural group that has been under the auspices of the union. I have also producing different articles with regards children. That was the time my interest on children developed.

-You have also producing articles for the weekly column “Tsebah” on Haddas Eritra.

I have been too much engaged in different assignments. I have been working for the “Menisei” magazine, editor for articles that have been published in the newspaper, producer for the weekly columns “Lela” and “From Here and There” and above all I had my permanent job at the Ministry of Agriculture. And finally I understood that I could not be engaged in all of these and I decided to stop some of the activities.

-And what did you do?

I stopped all the activities related to media. And in 2009 I have been invited by Mr. Asfaha Teklemariam, then editor of Haddas Eritra newspaper, to produce articles for the newspaper. That was when I created my own column in the newspapers and I named it “Tsebah”.

-Why did you choose “Tsebah”?

The name of the column is “Tsebah” it literally means tomorrow. I took the name because I have a strong belief that if we want to have a bright future tomorrow we should toil today.

-And the title of the book you launched recently is “Tsebah”.

Yes! It is a collection of the articles that have been published on the newspaper.

-What motivated you to publish the book?

I had a good feedback from the readers of my articles. Many people used to persuade me collect and produce my articles in the form of a book. And I selected articles and put them in the form of a book. And here I am.

-What is your future plan?

God willing I want to be a professional writer.


-Good luck!

Thank you very much!  

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