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Ministerial Cabinet meeting holds more deliberations

The meeting of the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers which opened yesterday at State House continued today.

Asmara, 16 October 2014 – The meeting of the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers which opened yesterday at State House continued today.

In its deliberations today, the Ministerial Cabinet conducted discussion regarding the ongoing activities and future action programs of the construction sector. The deliberations mainly focused on housing construction, water conservation schemes, construction and repair of roads, provision of construction equipments and nurturing of skilled manpower.

As regards the transport and construction sector, the Cabinet of Ministers conducted extensive discussion pertaining to license of vehicles import, traffic service, construction of Airport and Seaport projects, as well as review of guidelines and legal provisions in the sector and expansion of telephone service, coupled with organizing training programs.

Assessing the prevailing state of affairs in connection with upgrading the tourism sector both in quality and quantity, the meeting held deliberation regarding improvement of service-rendering agencies, supply of the required facilities, human resource development, sorting out existing resources, conservation of relics, promoting domestic tourism and future work programs.

The meeting went on to conduct in-depth discussion in the domain of trade and industry sector.  In this connection, it deliberated on future action plans towards ensuring fair distribution of strategic consumer items, activities connected with the development of export and renovation undertakings. In the sphere of finance, the Cabinet of Ministers conducted extensive discussion regarding the strengthening of the national currency, streamlining control activities in the sphere of currency supply, price control in basic consumer goods, ensuring the competence and work coordination of financial institutions  and budget proposal for 2015.

On the report presented by the Ministry of National Development pertaining to international development cooperation, the meeting held in-depth discussion. The report indicated the extent of cooperation with partners in various sectors and the understanding reached thereof as regards action programs charted. In this regard, the Ministerial Cabinet conducted extensive discussion dealing with the implementation modalities, as well as the time framework and transparency requirements.

Concerning action programs and major accomplishments in the health sector including that of ensuring equitable distribution of service, the meeting reviewed activities dealing with combating mother and child mortality, reinforcement of immunization undertakings, control of communicable diseases, besides ensuring the supply of medicaments and development of health technology, among others.  The Ministerial Cabinet meeting further assessed the initiatives taken in terms of preventive measure against the Ebola Virus.

In connection with the work accomplishments by the Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare, the Ministerial Cabinet exchanged views on the action program connected with labor and human resources, socio-economic status at societal level and the envisaged work programs to combat backwardness and dependency on the basis of self-reliance, among others vis-à-vis the action programs mapped out in this regard.

Moreover, the meeting conducted discussion as regards raising public awareness concerning the administration of justice, ensuring effective and speedy handling of legal cases, as well as reinforcing the capacity of institutions in the domain.

During the closing session, the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers heard extensive briefings by President Isaias Afwerki regarding the objective political and diplomatic situation at the regional and global level. Consequently, the meeting conducted deliberations vis-à-vis the national goals and action plans, as well as the strategic interests of the peoples of the region.

Meanwhile, the meeting of the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers has concluded its two-day meeting.

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