Business is booming.

“If there is a vision there is a success; but that needs patience”

-Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Berhane Abedom. I was born in 1987 at Adi-bai, Areza sub-zone. I started schooling in 2000; my elementary school at Adi-Wusykia Elementary school. To your surprise I remember to this day the first day I went to school. My inner self was persuading me to go to school and I went there without informing my parents.

-Where did you go?


The school has been far away from my village and my parents had to go everywhere to look from me for they didn’t know where I went. And I returned back home in the evening very tiered and exhausted.

-You have disabilities; what happened?

I was okay when I was born until the age of five. One day on my way to deliver a message from my mother I encountered a kind of a storm. What I remember later was that I was unconscious and sleeping on my bed.

-And then!

I had strong fever and they took me to Mai-Mine hospital but they couldn’t do anything. Then my parents took me to holy water of Adi-Raisi and with no change. And my two legs become paralyzed.

-Then how were you managing to go to school?

If there is a vision there is a success. My village is six kilometers from the school, and I had to walk 12 kilometers per day. It used to take me from 4 to 5 hours. I learned that way for five years with all my disability.

-If you should have to walk 4-5 hours, weren’t you always late for school?

No, I start walking to school at 4:00 in the morning and I reach at the school early morning before the start of the school day.

-Who was on your side when you were doing all that?

I had a friend by the name Dawit. I would like to thank him very mych. I won’t forget what Dawit did for me in my life. He used to get up from his bed the same time I get up from my bed and he walks all the way with me to the school. You don’t expect many people do that and for five years.

-How was your school performance?

In my school years I used to stand from 2nd to 3rd. And I was always price winner.

-When did you go to Sawa?

In 2010, with the 24th batch.

-Did you have the information about Sawa before you go?

Many batches have been to Sawa before mine. It is true the first days of your arrival to Sawa you might feel something and that is normal.

-In what discipline did you graduate?

I graduated in Mechanical Engineering.

-I want to give you a chance if you have to mention special individuals in your life.

Frankly speaking everyone I know has been encouraging me. But I want to thank my parents especially my elder brother Asmerom. That was with his special care and assistance that I reached to this day. My special thanks also goes to my friend Dawit, without him I could have made all the way to my school.

-Thank you very much, and good luck!

Thank you for having me!

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