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An artist has huge resources to produce artistic works and that is tradition and custom of the society”

His name is Berket Amare. He was born in 1978 at Meshal-Wedekele, Southern region. He took his elementary and junior high school education at Ambasias Elementary School, secondary education at Metera and Keren High Schools. He went to Sawa in 2001 to complete his national service and upon finishing military training he was assigned to the Eritrean Air Force. At the same time Bereket is engaged in artistic works. He is currently the producer of the TV program “Meadi Tibeb (Art Forum)

-Tell us about yourself?

I grew up with my single mother for my father died at my early child age. I grew up in place in which many traditional artists live and I used to join them at my early age.

-Have you produced lyrics and melodies of your own?

I don’t want to boast about my work because I feel I am a beginner. However, so far I have produced about seven lyrics and melodies and I have distrusted them to different singers. I provide my works mainly to artist Fiori Kesete.

-You produced cultural songs. Do you also involve in modern songs?

I don’t because I want to stick to the one I am good into.

-What about in dramas?

I have played in some dramas.

-What kind of a character do you play?

I like to play in a character that displays our tradition and based on true story.

-You look as if you are more interested in traditional songs?

I believe culture is the reflection of the society. It reflects your way of living. And I believe I have to respect it and by doing that I respect myself.

-Do you conduct research on traditional folklores?

Sure! Where do you think I get the materials? It is through the research I conduct. I go to lot of places, I contact people I think they are involved in traditional songs and ask them everything I need to know. And through that I produce my music materials.

-How do you approach the elders during your research?

Once I read a book “How To Get Friends and Influence People” and in that I read that “If you want to be a good writer you have to have special interest on people”. The way you approach people, the way you talk to them is very important for you if you want to get the necessary information you are seeking.

-When did you start producing the TV program ‘Meadi Sinetibeb” (Art Forum)?

It has been before two years. The objective of the program is to document traditional folklores from our fathers renowned for telling and reciting traditional folklores.

-What feedback do you have?

People enjoy the program, especial those interested in preserving our culture. And I get a lot of encouragement from people from different walks of life and ages. And that is very encouraging.

-Good Luck!

Thank you!

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