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“Initiative is very important to attain vision”

His name is Ermias Mengisteab. He wa born in 1975 in Ethiopia. He took his elementary education in Shire, junior high school in Adi-Quala and secondary school in Ethiopia in Auto Mechanics. He is a member of the 2nd round national service.

-Where were you assigned after you finisher military training in Sawa?

After I finished my military training I was assigned to heavy artillery division in Itaro. I completed my national service I came back home. But again with the unfortunate aggression of the TPLF against our country I joined the army in 1998.

-And later?

I was assigned to the Information and Agitation unit of the 27th division in Assab and I am still there.

-You told me you took training in different disciplines. How much are you involved with what you learned?

One of the main innovations I worked has been the motorcycle that runs on the sea. That was in 2002. And in 2003 I produced FM transmitter and that was very useful for the people of Assab and the army stationed there.

-You participated at the Sawa Youth Festival with your innovation of a vehicle working with solar energy. Tell us about that.

The vehicle that works with solar energy is of special interest to the disabled nationals. I have a disabled friend. I was very much interested to do something to solve his problem. And I produced the vehicle to keep my promise to my friend.

-The vehicle works with solar energy and needs continuous sun shine. What about in the evenings?

It is equipped with rechargeable battery. The battery changes the sun heat that it collects during day time into mechanical energy and with that we can drive the vehicle any time. And in night time we can drive the vehicle up to 30 kilometers.

How much did you spend to work the vehicle?

I spent about 25 thousand Nakfa. We don’t produce the panel here, it is imported. The other parts of the vehicle are collected from here and there and they are not expensive.

-What other importance does the vehicle has?

A lot especially with the fuel problem we have. It has also environmental advantage. Since the vehicle works with solar energy, it free from polluting the atmosphere. It could also be used by children and elderly. It is every ones vehicle.

-Who is behind you, I mean do you get any help from individuals or institutions?

There are many who stand by my side. My knowledge is on electronics. And the vehicle has many parts that should be worked by different people with different fields. I would like to thank Mr. Musie Asgedom specialist in metal works in Mendefera, Minasie wood works, and the garage of Southern region for the valuable help they provided me.

-What time did it take you to produce it?

It has been in my mind for a long time but the actual work took me 15 days.

-How many kilometers doe the vehicle could go?

It could go up to fifteen kilometers per hour.

-Thank you very much!

You are welcome!

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