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“The computer application that I have innovated would have significant contribution in correcting Tigrigna spelling errors”

His name is Teklemariam Kelati. He was born in 1968 in Ghinda. He took his elementary school at Maereba Martyrs School, his junior and secondary education at Dekemhare. He also had the opportunity to take three years course at Dombosco Technical School. He graduated from Eritrean Institute of Technology in Civil Engineering. He is our guest today.

-How was your school performance?


I was an average student until my elementary education. But in my junior and high school education I was price winner. And I was competitive during my college education.

-Where did you go after graduation?

I am working at the Ministry of Defense as part of my National Service.

-What was the secret behind your success in education?

The motivation I have been receiving from my parents and especially from aunts who are living in Asmara helped me great deal in my success. Upon everything else was the encouragement that I have been getting from my teachers has been the secret behind my educational success.

-Why did you choose Civil Engineering?

I graduated from Dombosco Technical School in building. And I had interest in the field.

-You have innovated a computer application that corrects Tigrigna language spelling and typing errors. What motivated you do that?

I love reading books and especially the Tigrigna newspaper. In the newspaper I always find typing errors and I always contemplate on what could be done to avoid such errors. Typing errors are normal that could happen always. Even proof readers could not be perfect to avoid such errors. Hence, I thought something has to be done. My belief was that if there is typing error corrector in the English language why not in Tigrigna language. And I did that.

-What kind of research did you do to reach to that level?

I watched video films on computer programming. And I gradually entered into working the software. I also consulted with my friends who are studying Computer Engineering. The hard part of the job has been preparing and editing the Tigrigna alphabet data base.

-Does the software correct all the alphabets in the Tigrigna language?

No! I am on continuous effort to include all the Tigrigna alphabets.

-Is it on public use?

Not yet. If it is to be applied it has to be mass produced and for that you need sponsors. If I could get that I could produce more and supply for service, especially to the Haddas Eritrea Newspaper.

-What challenges did you encounter?

Innovating such a computer application is very expensive. That was the challenge I encountered. The other job was simple. It is mental work.

-Where do you spent during your spare time?

I read books and watch documentary films.

-What is your future plan?

My future plan is to develop my computer application that I have started.

-Good luck!

Thank you very much! 

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