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Maulid celebrated nationwide with zeal

Mewlid Anebewi ASherif was today celebrated nationwide with zeal.

Asmara, 03 January 2014 –Mewlid Anebewi ASherif was today celebrated nationwide with zeal.

The celebrations at Al-Kulafae Al-Rashdin Mosque here in the capital witnessed the presence of thousands of the faithful. Also present were senior Government and PFDJ officials, religious leaders and Ambassadors.

In a message he conveyed on the occasion, the Eritrean Mufti, Sheik Al-Amin Osman, congratulated the Eritrean people in connection with the holiday, and called on the faithful to extend a helping hand to families of fallen heroes and needy citizens.

The Mufti further wished goodwill to members of the Eritrean Defence Force and prosperity as well as progress to the country, besides wishing the citizenry for 2015 to be a  year of peace and prosperity.

Similarly, Mr. Mohammed-Seid Beshir, Chairman of Asmara Awqaff office, gave briefings regarding the historical background and objective of the religious event.

The observances also witnessed the staging of spiritual performances.

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