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The Real Engines of Economic Growth

Enhancing the role of Eritrean youth in all sectors of development has been the primary priority of NUEYS. There has been a good will and initiative by the Eritrean government to make sure education and any other skill upgrading training is provided to the youth of this country. Since youth are the vanguards of any sort of development and as they also have the power to shape the future of any given nation, investing on them is investing on a nation’s growth.


Economic growth does not only mean putting network of infrastructures in place or setting up industrial plants or building different service rendering institutions alone but is mainly empowering youth’s multifaceted competence. Establishing strong ties among the youth of the same country and beyond it fostering bilateral relations among youths of different countries is the main factor which enables them to exchange views in different trends in economic, political, and social aspects among other issues of mutual concern.

Eritrean youth are known for the victories they achieved in different domains. They do not want to keep such success stories for themselves alone, but they are always ready to share such an experience with their counter parts in Africa or any youth’s association in any part of the world.

Youths are creators, developers, defenders, guarantors of secured future of their given nation. However, all youths do not have the same experience and thus they need to share experience and views by creating a venue for mutual understanding.

Raising the awareness of youth in different domains such as economic, political and diplomatic relations is highly essential to a nation’s well being. It is thus based on the principle of sharing views and experiences that the NUEYS has continued to work with different international institutions with an aim of creating a viable ground for transfer of experiences.

As a continuation to its previous efforts, the National Union of Eritrean Youths and Students (NUEYS) is making preparations to host a regional meeting in Asmara from January 21 to 23  in collaboration with the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY).

According to reports from the NUEYS, representatives from 30 to 50 heads of youth organization from over 20 Sub-Saharan African countries are expected to participate in the meeting.  The meeting is expected to make significant contribution to portray Eritrea’s correct image and its rich cultural heritage and living style of the people.

The participants of the meeting would have a chance to witness the efforts that have been exerted towards enhancing the role of youth in the nation-building process through keeping intact national values. They would also share their respective experiences in their nations.

Eritrean youth have been building their nation diligently and the Eritrean government has continued to nurture them through providing tuition free education. Through education the youths of the country have been made aware of issues in different disciplines. Since due attention is being given towards equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skill, satisfactory outcome is being registered.

This is not the first time for the NUEYS to host a regional meeting in which representatives of different youth associations from different African countries took part.
African youth have common challenges and they have a number of issues that could bring them together. So, having a regional meeting where they could discuss issues of mutual concern is expected to bring a remedial solution to most of the challenges they face.

The youth are indeed real engines of a moving economy. If youth continue to educate themselves, and upgrade their awareness in different issues through exchanging views, the real growth would be achieved along the engine (education) that makes youth move forward.  Youth are the real engines of development and their engine is education and awareness in different disciplines. Thus, enhancing their competence they are reinforcing the economy of their nation. Sharing their own experience with their counter parts means they are learning different experiences too, youth-the real engine of development.

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