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“Translation is challenging but worth doing it”

Introduce us about yourself.

My name is Micael Adam. I was born in the early 80s in Asmara.

What was your vision at your early age?

I had the desire to become strong politician, journalist, a teacher and expert in law. I used to read all articles from the newspaper Haddas Eritra, especially the martyrs column. I used also to read books dealing with politics. That had a big influence on me. And in 1998 I decided my profession to become related with aviation and I am working in that profession. Later I developed translation of books.

When did you join the Engineering College?

I graduated in Auto-Mechanics from the Asmara Technical School in 2002. I had GPA that could allow me join the university. And in 1007 I joined the Institute of Technology, Mai-Nefhi.

Recently you translated a book. When did you develop interest in translation?

I used to send translated articles to the Haddas Eritra newspaper for the Science and Technology column. And I was getting a good feedback from readers. And I translated the book “Ana Carina”.

What is the book about?

It is one of the best books I have translated so far. It was written in 1974-78 by Leo Tolstoy. This book has been translated into many languages.

What challenges did you have in translating the book?

Translation is a very tough job. The main challenge is becoming credible to reflect the idea of the writer. You translate not only the words but also the spirit of the book.

The book you recommend for readers.

“The Little Book of Philosophy”.

What is the content of the book?

The content of the book is moral, love, knowledge, art, death, time, politics, etc. It was written in 2005. The book is already here in Eritrea and on sale at Awget Book Shop.

Why this book?

The book could help develop ones power of idea. We could also learn a great deal from the book.

What do you think should be done to encourage translation and develop writing?

We should have many publishing institutions. With that we could have many writers who could compete with each other and thereby we could have best books. We should also have regular book fair.

You are mainly engaged in translating philosophical books. Why is that?

The meaning of philosophy for me is love of art. Philosophy guides us on how we should live a better life. Philosophy guides us on how we could have a happy life. That is why I am interested on philosophy.

Who do you think is a successful youth?

I say the one who knows and indentifies his inner talent and tries to develop it is the successful youth.

Your wish!

To see many books written that satisfy the readers.

Your future plan?

To develop my profession and the skill of translation.

Good luck!

Thank you!

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