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Decolonizing One’s Mind as a Tool for Fighting Hegemony

Eritreans have for centuries decolonized their mind and developed a national sentiment which is unique to the country’s context. It is through developing a culture of their own; they fought against any external domination and freed their country.  Through an ever intensified patriotism, they set out to establish a secured future. Aware of win-win relations, they have been working to establish exemplary bilateral ties with all organizations that work for international solidarity. Eritrean youth are as always at the forefront of this engagement which secures mutual respect.


Being a member of World Federation for Democratic Youth(WFDY), the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students(NUEYS)  is now to host a Youth’s meeting in which representatives of different associations from Mozambique, South Africa , Namibia, Angola, Ghana, Sudan, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Congo-Brazzaville, Algeria, and Libya among others are expected to participate. “African Youth United for Peace, Sustainable Development and Fighting against Imperialism!” is a theme chosen for WFDY- African Commission meeting which is to be held in Eritrea from 21st to 23rd January 2014.

Decolonizing the mind is one of the primary pillars which enable the youth to become self-reliant, who are aware of the multifaceted resources they have at hand. This decolonization of one’s mind would definitely help them to enhance their role in the fight against cultural, economic, and political hegemony that could, under different sorts of disguises, pose threat to their progress. But, it is quite important to notice that setting one’s mind free of domination and unnecessary influences do not mean opposing everything. It is rather enhancing one’s faculty of thinking and becoming rational in all decisions that are to be made.

Once the mind is decolonized, it stands against imperialism and domination, and for that respect of rights. WFDY-African Commission meeting is thus going to be hosted in a right place- in a country (Eritrea) where almost all the set out goals are being realized. African youth are now to sit together in a country of peace and stability and make deliberations about their common challenges. They, all Africans, are part of the struggle that has been launched by WFDY to create a better world where human dignity is respected, peace and stability is achieved. Eritrean youth are expected to share the ordeals they passed through and how they managed to overcome all sorts of oppressions and also to stand triumphant fighting against all odds.

Peace, stability, and fighting against imperialism are indeed products of increased awareness of the youth. Well aware youth has a power to create a viable future, where economic, political and social emancipations are realized. Among the set out goals of the WRDY, such as peace and stability are first realized by enhancing the unity of local communities, and thus Eritrea’s unity in diversity is what all members of the visiting youth organizations are to be mostly impressed about. All the credit of all the achievements that has been made in the country is due to be given to the active participation of Eritrean youth who have been diligent in all domains of development.

The WFDY-African Commission Meeting is expected to discuss on issues of African state of affairs at continental and global levels. Such a meeting is also a viable venue to truly portray the true image of African challenge and its intellectual wealth. Sharing of views that could help to overcome challenges among other topics that could help in creating an independent and domination free ground of cooperation is also the primary goal of the meeting.

A number of post-colonial writings have suggested how literature has impacted the outlook of a number of people. Though he speaks about African literary works written in colonial languages, Nugugi’s “Decolonizing the Mind” could not be confined to the impact of colonial languages as a means to spreading colonial thoughts and imperialism in a subtle way. One’s mind needs to be decolonized and one has to develop one’s own outlook on different topics and seek solutions to challenges as well as determine secured future through enhanced role.

The fight against imperialism is meant developing independent strategies that correspond with local demands and which ultimately opens a venue for cooperation in achieving common interests.

Youths who have decolonized their mind form different negative legacies of colonialism could build their own future as per the whims of their society but not to satisfy the unquenchable thirsty of the powers of hegemony. It is in establishing a tie of cooperation and a venue of sharing ideas that gabs could be narrowed and common challenges could be surmounted.

A mind set free of colonial thoughts has an ability to think of regional as well as global solidarity. Independent Eritrea has been nurturing youth who are independent thinkers and developers of their nation and seekers of wider cooperation at regional and international levels. NUEYS is hence an association that has been working to strengthen ties with different youth organization within Africa and from different parts of the globe.

Decolonized mind for national and human dignity, decolonized mind for robust economic growth, decolonized mind for regional and international solidarity, decolonized mind for creating a viable ground that could take all youth to come to a common consensus.

Most of the common goals of the WFDY have correspond with the overall goals of the NUEYS says Mr. Daniel Eyasu, head of foreign affairs at the NUEYS.

Eritrean youth have been building their nation based on self-reliance, they have been participating in all economic, social and political affairs of their nation. So, through discussions, they would share their experiences and become more aware of the potential resources of other Africans too; mostly their intellectual resource as well as natural and geographical resources that could enable them to stand by their own.

As Eritreans have proven their capability to stand by their own, other Africans could learn from such experiences. This WFDY- African Commission meeting is going to be a fertile ground where constructive ideas would flow to the platform of discussion.

Socially, economically, and politically stable world is what all youth from around the world are looking for. Particularly African youth are at the forefront to make this aspiration come true. Eritrean youth are also making due contribution in the overall endeavors that have been exerted by all seekers of a stable world. Decolonizing their mind from all sorts of colonial influences, they are creating their own future which suits their aspirations and are working towards creating a common future through fostering partnerships with different organizations that stand for peace, sustainable development and in fighting imperialism. Exerting whatever effort they could, they are generally working to see all the set out gals of WFDY are achieved through united efforts of youth from around the world.

Meanwhile, as part of its overall endeavors to forester constructive regional and international, the NUEYS has finalized perpetrations to host a Youth week in Barentu.  So far, the two parties have been able to reinforce ties between Kassala region of Sudan and Gash-Barka region of Eritrea. So, different cultural and sports activities of the youths of Eritrean and Sudan would be staged.

January 2015, has become a youths month. WFDY and Youth week in Gash-Barka would have their impact in creating good opportunity for sharing of views that could take towards a common understanding. Decolonized mind has a power to tackle all barriers and thus to make a difference towards achieving economically, politically, culturally independent but cooperative youth that believes in a creating a dominance free world.

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