Business is booming.

“With the help of other colleagues I have been able to produce a successful album”

“On Saturday, 20 of December, there was a launching ceremony at Cua. Singer Munir Yasin has been launching his first album containing ten songs in Tigre, Tigrigna and Arabic languages.


Munir was born in 1990 in Sahel. He is member of the 22nd batch national service. He graduated from Sawa Vocational Training Center in wood works. He joined the Southern region cultural troupe, later Sawa cultural troupe and now he is member of the Bisha cultural troupe.

What motivated you to become a singer?

I started singing while I was a small child. Before I became a singer I used to write short stories, poems and dramas during school competition. While in high school I have been chairman of the school cultural group. At that time I have been repeating the songs of others and with that my colleagues used to tell me that I have good voice. That has been the first time that I convinced myself to start singing.

Whose songs have you been repeating?

From Tigre songs that of Wedi Amar, Alamin Abduletif, Wedi Sheik; from Tigrigna that of Tsegai Beraki, Aron Abraham, Tesfai Mehari, Teklemariam and Tanilo.

Were the singers approving that you repeat their songs?

Singer Ahmed Sheik used to tell that I am the one who could replace him a good singer in Tigre language and with that he used to encourage me. Alamin was very glad to hear that I successfully repeat one of his songs.

What about literature?

I like to read books especially poems. I used also to read short stories from the Haddas Eritra newspaper.

You recently launched your first album. Tell us about it.

The album is called “Sendelet”. The name of the album literary means a good aura in Tigre language. And it represents one of the songs. The lyric is written by Wedi Afa.

Your album contains three languages. Why?

If there is a will everything is possible. Singing in three languages means you are three individuals representing three ethnic groups. And that is very special.

Are all the lyrics and melody produced by you?

There people who helped me. Mine are only four. Artists like Ahmed Idris, Mohammed Selim, Abdu Gedeim and Jimi’e Mohammed are the ones who gave me the other lyrics with their melody.

What feedback did you get?

The feedback has been beyond my expectation. It is an album in which many put their hands. It was a very successful album.

How did you master the Arabic language?

I grew up at the Northern Red Sea region. And everyone who grew there speaks the Arabic language.

What is your future plan?

My future plan is to produce video clips. I am dedicated to commit myself in developing art in our country.

Good Luck!

Thank you!

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