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“Sanctions do not limit a country from registering any kind of progress”

Eritrea has hosted WFDY African Commission meeting from 21 to 23 January 2015 at Asmara Palace.  Edward Kafita from Namibia, who came to Eritrea to attend this meeting, has shared with us his views about the meeting and his impression about the country. An excerpt of a brief interview conducted with him follows:

-Would you introduce us yourself please?

I am Edward Kafita from Namiba. I am the secretary for the international affairs of the Namibian youth and the chairperson of the upcoming WFDY 70th anniversary to be held in Namibia.

-What is your assessment of the WFDY African Commission meeting held in Asmara, Eritrea?

The meeting was very educative, informative and very fruitful. We have learned many things especially about the east part of the African region. I should say we were covered with a blanket and this meeting was an eye opening and that the blanket is now totally removed. We knew many things only by reading pre-print media or watching TV. But, this time we have seen things for ourselves. Senior members of the Eritrean government have shared with us many historical and progressive experiences. So, what we have learned here is that sanctions do not limit a country from registering any kind of progress and for that we salute the people of Eritrea, its leadership and for the country’s president to continue standing firm behind this people.

-Do you really think meetings like this would solve the existing challenges of African youth?

Such meetings are very much needed. If this can be replicated to many African parts, we could unite more and we would thereby achieve the real African Ideology which started by former African leaders. If we continue sharing views with this type of platforms, we could influence many young African leaders. There are still a number of people who are covered with blankets and thus lagging behind. There are also a number of people who hardly know Eritrea. Thus, once we told them we are leaving for Eritrea they asked us where Eritrea is located. What the Eritrean government has done in hosting and enabling Africans to gather here is really commendable.

-Just to clarify it more, does this meeting enhance your knowledge about Eritrea and its youth?

Yeah. I can now tell a lot of good stories about Eritrea. This is in fact one of the events which enriches my reporting about the country back home. I could say, as the chairperson of the upcoming WFDY event, Eritrea would play a very crucial role in terms of participation. I have already held a meeting with the top leaders of Eritrea and such a relationship is going to continue. We are going to continue to embrace a number of people from African countries.

-What exactly impressed you about the country and tell us if there is something you are not satisfied with?

What impressed me a lot is the unity. The unity of the young people, the unity of the young people and the elders is what I have seen and this is what is nowadays lacking in Africa in the contemporary era. What impressed me is that, despite the sanctions you people are not putting your heads down. You continue to teach the importance of African unity. You continue to work together with other African countries. But, I cannot remember anything which I am not impressed with. I cannot reflect on about what has not impressed me. What probably has not impressed me is that, I was informed you people are lagging behind in terms of energy. I know, there is no country with sufficient energy but you should live using things that contribute to energy lose. That is something which I believe such a commendable country need to look into addressing it.

-Thank You!! I hope you enjoyed your stay in Eritrea.

I am sure I did!

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