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“My paintings reflect my gender” Selam Goitom

-Could you introduce us about yourself?

My name is Selam Goitom. I was born in 1989 at Sahel. I took my education at Finland Mission and Barka schools. I am member of the 20th batch National Service. I took technical training and diploma in accounting from SMAP and three years course in painting.

-You are a painter, technician and accountant. Do you think it is good to have many professions at the same time?

I think it is good. It enlarges your creativity. Alongside painting I also try to produce poems.

-How do you manage to produce poems alongside painting?

I give priority to painting. I produce poems occasionally as a hobby and not as a profession.

-What is art to you?

Art is my world. A world without art would be boring.

-When did you find yourself as artist?

I had the love of it since my early childhood. I remember one day Dad was asked to paint something as an assignment. He was very much disturbed on how to do it. And I asked him that I paint it for him. He was not convinced but he agreed. When I did it he was very glad and he took me to Mirara School of painting and with that I had the opportunity to get three years training in painting.

-What discipline do you follow?

I follow abstract painting.

-Do your paintings reflect your gender?

Yes! I believe that women should be proud with what they are. And many of my painting reflect my gender.

-What message do you want to convey with your paintings?

I want to tell the world that women are the essential part of the community that could make miracles without expecting any outside assistance. And I represent that woman with my painting.

-You also speak Tigrigna, English and French. What is the advantage of speaking different languages?

I would like to compare language with a road that connects many places. Language also helps you to communicate with different people from different languages. One expresses his/her idea through language. I have many advantages the fact that I speak different languages.

-Who is your role model?

There many role models for me. Musie, Habtom and others who helped me become who I am today. These were my teachers.

-What is the beauty of art?

The beauty of art is the message you want to convey.

-What message do you want to convey for women?

I would like to tell them that they should never give up. They have to show practically who they are.

-Any final thought?

I would like to thank my father for giving me the opportunity of training. I would like also to thank all my friends, my teachers and the staff of Alliance Francoise.

-Good luck!

Thank you very much!

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