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Student Sports and Culture Week conducted in Senafe sub-zone

Sports and Culture Week for students in elementary and junior schools in Senafe sub-zone has been conducted.

Senafe, 16 March 2015 – Sports and Culture Week for students in elementary and junior schools in Senafa sub-zone has been conducted.

At a conclusion ceremony on March 11, it was stated that the event has made significant contribution regarding the unraveling of all-round potential of the students in general and in sports and culture in particular. Enhanced spirit of competitiveness was witnessed among the participant schools, and stressed the need for organizing it in a highly organized manner.

Mr. Mussie Girmatsion, head of sports and culture at the Education Ministry’s branch in the sub-zone, noted the vitality of the Week as regards nurturing the physical and mental fitness of the participants, apart from unraveling their talent alongside academic activities.

Likewise, Mr. Beyene Tesfai, head of the MoE branch in the sub-zone, pointed out that the initiative was organized along with the educational activities and thus have significant impact in creating solidarity among the students and nurturing patriotism. He also called on parents, students and teachers, in collaboration with partners, to exert vigorous endeavors to this end.

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