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“I have been able to assess my talent through the films I directed that have been nominated for Remmy Award”

Awat Seyum was born in 1975 in Asmara. He is known for camera directing of many films out of which some have been nominated for Remmy Award. Currently he is in Switzerland taking training in directing.


Why did you choose to become film camera director?

I had been acquainted with filming at early of my childhood. There was a Zenith camera in our house that belonged to my grandfather. I used to take photographs with that camera and that was the beginning for me to exercise taking photos and with that I developed the desire.

Then how did you enter the profession of camera directing?

In 2005 I took six months training in camera. I also worked at the Eritrean Video Service for about six years. And with that I got the opportunity to develop the profession.

When did you enter the profession of camera directing?

The first film I filmed was the “Newih Ketsri” (the long wall) written by Rev. Teame.

What is the difference between a film director and camera director?

A film director is one that changes a written script into action. And the camera director is one that documents the action through camera. However the camera director follows the instructions of the film director.

How many films have you filmed?

I have filmed more than 12 films.

Which of the films you remember most?

I remember most the film “Aklasia” written and directed by Daniel Tesfamariam that received the Remmy Award.  That film stood first to receive the award competing with more than 3500 films from throughout the world. The other film that I remember is “Tigisti” produced by Biniam Fesehatsion and directed by Daniel Tesfamariam. This film also received gold medal from the Remmy Awards.

What is your future plan?

We are producing a new film from three different countries in Europe. We have already finished 50% of the filming.

Good luck!

Thank you very much!

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