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“The disability I encountered helped me appraise other alternatives to lead my life”

He was born in 1986 in Emba-Derho. In 1990 he lost his one eye and his right hand due to hand grenade accident. He took his elementary education at Abraha Bahta School for the Blind, his junior high school education at Emba-Derho and secondary school education at Asmara Comprehensive School. He graduated with BA in Literature at Mai-Nefhi College. Our guest today is Habtom Tsegai.


Let’s start with your background.

I was the last born in the family of nine children. In 1990 I lost my eye and one hand while I was four years old due to hand grenade accident. We found an abandoned hand grenade in our neighborhood and while we were playing with it suddenly exploded.

When did you start your education?

I didn’t start my education early due to the accident I encountered. I joined at the Emba-Derho elementary school but I could not continue and I was forced to join Abraha Bahta School for the Blind.

How was your school performance?

I was price winner from grade 6 to 11.

How was the role of your parents in your education carrier?

My parents have played a great role in my education carrier and without exaggeration had they not been there I would not have been what I am today. They were farmers but very conscious on the importance of education.

Where did you go after you completed your grade 11 education?

I went to Sawa as part of the 20th batch of national service.

How was education in Sawa?

At first it has been difficult because there were no book written in Brail. I was able to cope because my one eye was ok. But I was very much prepared before I went to Sawa. And I scored 2.6 in my articulation exam.

What about later?

I joined at Mai-Nefhi College and I took literature.

And after you completed your first degree?

I was assigned as an English teacher and still I am a teacher.

How did you find the teaching profession?

It is a profession that requires great responsibility. With my understanding teaching is the father of all disciplines.

Your handling of students is different. How is that?

I like to become open as possible to my students. I want to satisfy my students by providing them everything I know in my capacity and if not it is waste of time and resources.

What kind of students do you want to produce?

As all the other teachers I want to produce disciplined, competitive and all rounded students.  I want to produce students that are ready to face any challenges in their life and who see the future.

Did you have anything to say as final thought?

I would like to advice students to read for reading is the master of all knowledge. Through reading they can have broad understanding of the world as well as the environment they are living. It is normal to have challenges in life but the important thing is how one gets victorious facing the challenges he faces.

Thank you very much!

Thank you! 

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