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“I have been encouraged to pursue my profession since my childhood”

He mastered playing the traditional music instrument (Kira) and singing from early stages of his childhood. His first song “Hamdee” that he presented on the stage was during the NUEW Jubilee celebration. That song received wide acclamation by the audience and still it is popular among the youth. His name is Seid Brhanu.

He was born in 1989 at Godaif. He took his elementary school education at Gash school, his junior high school at Bana and his high school education at Barka Secondary School. Seid went to Sawa as part of the 20th batch national service and upon completion his 12th grade education he joined the Aser Cultural troupe and he is still with that group. He is our guest today.

Tell us about your background.

I was born in Godaif in 1989. I was also not bad in my education.

How come you became an artist?

When I was at my elementary school education I used to repeat some songs of some renowned artists. And later I started singing my own songs.

How did you master playing the traditional music instrument (Kirar)?

In our neighborhood we used to come together and talk about a lot of issues that attract our attention as children and we also used to hear our peer groups playing the Kirar. And as part of that peer group’s gathering I started playing the instrument and with time I kind mastered it.

How were you accepted by your parents playing the Kirar?

In the beginning they were not happy. They think I was playing the instrument at the expense of my education. But later they understood my inclination and they started to encourage me. I never took playing the Kirar at the expense of my education.

And later?

I got the chance of joining the Aser Cultural troupe that has been established under the Ministry of Education. With the cultural troupe I got the opportunity of developing my carrier as an artist, both playing the Kirar and singing.

How many songs do you have in your name?

I have about 30 songs in my name. The lyrics and the melody of my songs are the products of others. But in the coming album that I am preparing to release the melody of two of the songs are mine.

Have you performed outside the country?

Yes! I have been to the Sudan, Saudi Arabia Dubai, Australia, Qatar, and to many European countries.

What feedback do you have from listeners?

As far i know I have many admirers that always encourage me to do more. And I am very encouraged and pleased by my listeners.

What is your future plan?

As you see me I am still young. I am looking forward to develop my profession and become one of the renowned artists Eritrea has produced.

Good luck!

Thank you very much!

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