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Bon Voyage Africa

Winds of change are subtle, but chilly at times. How, when, where and why they start is only best reflected in history books. In hindsight, history glorifies and points to the exact sources and direction of the change.

Has Africa ever been free and working for itself? Does it realize that it remains only under illusory yokes of “dependence” that colonialists put it under? Does it have the courage to fore-go with a much needed painful struggle against the burdens of its unfulfilled prophecies? Africa the land of plenty where its needy people curl up to death lacking the basics, while few indulge on its vast resources. Few, colonialists at that! At times, Africa’s leaders seem to have been psyched down with an Elephant trainer’s technique. Elephants until they become obedient to their owners are chained with solid chains. Even if the chains are changed for a lousy rope, after a rigorous training, the poor animal fails to comprehend that it’s only tied psychologically, and remains obedient for life.

Africa as a continent must not cry “foul play” excuses anymore and fall victim to failure of being introspective! There have been evidences of states that came from the worst situations vowing to rise beyond their obstacles. Take Eritrea as a case study! It comes from a depressing case scenario; where up on the United Nation’s permission to annex it with a back warded feudalist nation. With all Eritrea’s legal avenues to be independent in the 1950s, it was a less to hope for. Nevertheless, the basic steps this model took was the restoration of faith and confidence in its capacity to go head-to-head against its captures who were dedicated to squash its aspirations towards independence. Being an embarrassment to the Easter and Western super powers, Eritrea finally prevailed as free in 1991 after a bitter 30 years struggle. What one needs to understand is that the Eritrean struggle not fought the enemies that bombarded it mercilessly, but also fought its internal issues; i.e. poverty, literacy, corruption and other social ills at large.

Up on lifting a huge weight off its shoulders; i.e. demolishing a back warded colonial grip and even gaining respect from its Eastern and Western superpower adversaries; Eritrea prevailed as a true independent East African State.

Unfortunately and depressingly, the global economic trend demands the independent and the restored to seek collaborations with others. Therefore, it makes it difficult for nations to clean their own homes and close their doors. Of course, there are economic, political and social fluidity that market economy imposes as a fundamental rule. In that regard, it becomes imperative to get good answers for the hindrances of rapid improvements in Africa, which in turn begs the question; “who is who in Africa?” and many more.

Eritrea indisputably had been the captain of its destiny. She continues to do its part, shuttling its efforts into the fore nurturing its civic infrastructure. This very model, therefore, will triumph at the end. Meanwhile, the powers-to-be would cook unspeakable sabotages to Eritrea’s plans and attempt to create havoc among its cherished people.

Things may have felt wired wrong at times, however, looking back at the 24 years Eritrea walked through, everyone would conclude that the hardships it encountered and the unjust punishments it triumphed must register as unavoidable tide in Eritrea’s path of asserting its destiny, and fulfilling its aspiration. Hence, the painful chapter will be recorded as a colorful feather on Eritrea’s hat! If the gains Eritrea achieved appear small now, it is only because the less imaginative are sound asleep.

Today, as ever, Eritrea must chuckle at its foes, for its foes never understand where sheer determination and passion comes from. Had they sat and listened, they would have understood that this vibrant nation is built upon the bloods of young visionaries, and that Eritrea will not be ready; now or ever; to gamble with its angelic souls. The Gallant Sons/Daughters of Eritrea that is!

God/Allah Bless Eritrea
Eternal Glory to Our Martyrs
Araia G. Ephrem

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