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“The secret of success is to develop yourself from cumulative experience”

He is one of the first graduates in dental health. His name is Dr. Efrem Tewolde. He was born in 1986 in Asmara. He took his elementary school education at Model School, junior high school at Harbegnatat and high school at Ibrahim Sultan high school. He went to Sawa as part of the 18th batch national service and took his school leaving examination there scoring 3.6 GPA. As a distinction student he joined the School of Medicine and graduated in Dental Health with Doctorate degree.


Could you please tell us about your back ground?

I grew up as a normal Asmarino child. I used to play football and other sports with my peer groups in our neighborhood. My elder brothers were good in their education and that has a big influence on me. And that helped me to concentrate on my education. I was price winner all the way except in grade 2 in which I stood 4th.

What is the secret for all your brothers and you to become price winners in your education?

The main reason is that our parents were very much interested in education and with that they used to encourage us and follow our daily home works. My father was a teacher and that was an advantage for us. My mother was also very much interested in education and she was the one who put the basic foundation on me.

To tell you frankly, it was when I was at my junior high school that I came to understand the importance of education. It was there that I started going to libraries, reading books and other activities related to education.

There are some students who score high grade in the first semester and low grades in the second semester. Are you one of such students or not? If yes why?

I am one of those who score high grades in the second semester. The reason is that I try to correct the mistakes I committed in the first semester. The experience I gained in the first semester helps me a great deal not to repeat the mistakes.

Do you agree that in order to become a doctor one has to be price winner in his/her education?

I don’t agree! There are many distinguished scholars that have been average students but they contributed a lot to this world with their scientific discoveries. The fundamental thing is that to identify your talent and use it properly. That is the secret for success.

Why did you choose to join the school of dentistry?

The Dental school has been established in 2007 and I was very much interested in that profession. We were 16 students who joined the school.

How did you find it?

It was very much challenging. You have to read a lot and do experiments. Our instructors were always on our side and very much supportive  and with their help and guidance we gradually improved ourselves. College education also needs hard work and try different things on your own.

How do you think your profession would help in alleviating teeth disease problem in the country?

Researches indicate that 90% of the world population suffers from teeth related diseases. It also applies to our country. It stands one of the five health problems. That means there is great expectation from us.

You have been working in this profession for about one year and half. What is your observation with regards the patients?

Teeth problem could be easily prevented. It is only a matter of cleanliness. One has to sustainably brush his teeth and clean the tongue before going to bed and after lunch and dinner.

Is there anything you want to say?

I want to thank my parents, my lecturers and friends for their support that I become to what I am today.

Good luck!

Thank you!

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