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“A teacher has a special place in peoples’ lives” Teacher Leul Kesete

-Could you please introduce us with yourself?

My name is Leul Kesete. I was born in 1982. I took my elementary school education at Geza-Hamle, junior high school at Enda-Gergis and up to grade eleven at Adi-Quala high school. I went to Sawa as part of 16th batch of national service program and I took my school leaving examination there. I got a good grade at the matriculation exam and I joined the Asmara University in 2002. I graduated in 2007 with a bachelor degree in Mathematics. And now you see me I am a teacher in Sawa.

-What was your ambition to become?

In the area I grew up, teachers had a good influence on the youth, and as a member of that society my greatest ambition was to become a teacher and I think my ambition has been realized.

-How do you explain a teacher?

This question has been repeatedly asked and looks very simple. A teacher could be described by one word, a teacher. There is no profession that is achieved without the involvement of a teacher. In short a teacher has very significant place in peoples’ lives.

-Which step do you think is important in the lives of the youth?

The very important step is what you think and what you want to be at your early stages of your life. This is very important step in shaping your future. A youth who fails to use his youth life properly will remain as a failure in his entire life. Proper youth of time is essential in shaping yourself and become productive member of the society.

-What extra curricula activities do you make?

I spend my spare time reading and writing.

-Have you produced books?

Yes I did! I have two books in my name. They are academic nooks, Algebra Basics High School Mathematics and Success in Mastering Geometry.

-What motivated you to write the books?

Initially I never thought to write these books. When I was teaching in Sawa, the students asked me to provide them in the form of a handout the subject matter I was teaching them. That encouraged me turn the handouts I have providing them to produce it in the form of a book. It was also the same with my second book.

-What feedback did you get from the students?

They were very much satisfied.

-What challenges did you face?

Being in Sawa has a good advantage. You have ample time to write after school. There is also a library in which you can get many materials. The only challenge I had was editing and put them into computer.

-What do you advice the students who are in Sawa?

The very important aspect in life is one should set his mind positively. The first day you come to Sawa, you should prepare yourselves for matriculation exam. Matriculation examination is like any exam that we take during our long years of education. You have to have also self confidence.

-Good Luck!

Thank you very much!

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