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Abiding Commitment

At the present juncture when the Eritrean people at home and abroad are once again commemorating Martyrs Day, they equally reaffirm their resolve to pay the debt owed to our fallen heroes – the nation’s dear sons and daughters who laid down their lives to restore the dignity of fellow compatriots.

Indeed, such an attribute constitutes a distinguishing asset for our people who rightly take pride in standing firm and united against all odds.

In concrete expression of living up to the Trust of Martyrs, Eritrean nationals inside the country and the Diaspora are duty bound to exert unreserved effort to build a secure and prosperous nation.

Moreover, our patriotic people need to mount ever more resolute resistance against anti-Eritrea machinations that date back to the Cold War era. This characteristic attribute of the Eritrean people still remains a source of pride and dignity to our beloved Homeland.

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