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Eve of June 20: Eritrea’s Martyrs Commemoration Day

Eritrea claimed its independence after a bitter 30 years war having paid a heavy price – precious sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, old and young… all of whom we honor and commemorate today.

The Independence  and the self- sustained  nation building process we joyfully celebrate in May is an unmistakable result of the incredible sacrifice of our martyrs and fallen heroes and heroines  that altruistically gave their lives both for our independence obtained in 1991 and for the sovereignty of our country during intermittent acts of hostility and aggression.

Eritrea’s Martyrs commemoration day is the most profoundly felt day in our calendar, it is time in which bitter sweet sensations dominate every Eritrean soul. It is also a time of pride in which we officially renew our vow to which Eritreans live up to every day.

These past few days have seen school events, exhibitions and different memorial services organized by a number of organizations and Government  ministries. The Eritrean flag is on display everywhere and streets are decked with symbols and emblems that highlight the occasion.

The artistic exhibition of Ghidey Ghebremichael  is being displayed in front of the Ministry of Education’s building, in Asmara, showing life sized impressions of a group of travelers being massacred at a check point. It is actually a token from an actual event that occurred in 1975.

Every mosque and church in Eritrea held remembrance and dedication prayers on the morning of June 19. Moreover the morning was glorified by a commemorational mass- sport sponsored  and organized  by the  Olympic medalist Zerisenay Tadesse.  The event took place in Asmara in two sections. The first road race of 10k started at the Bahti Meskerem  Square,  for professionals, representing several teams from all over the country.  The second segment involved a wide range of voluntary participants of all ages, including ministers and officials.

As the evening deepens, and we reach the eve of May 20th Eritrea’s Martyrs Day, habitually it has been a heartfelt and distinguished event; when from the youngest to the oldest of the family flocks out on the roads with candle  lights in honor and tribute to the glorious children, parents and siblings. The candle light memorial service just like the previous  ones and those many to come, is underway with a majestic noble sense of honor, gratitude and remembrance felt by all.

Our martyrs will always be in our hearts, they belong to us and live trough us.




















































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