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News Briefs

•    Contribution in support of martyrs families

•    Construction of dirt road completed

•    Youth Teachers Week in Central region


•    Contribution in support of martyrs families

Haikota, 24 June 2015 – The inhabitants of Haikota sub-zone have contributed over 370 thousand Nakfa in support of 124 families of fallen heroes.

Similarly, NUEW branch members in Agordat sub-zone launched a campaign at Patriots Cemetery and extended financial support to the same families.  NUEW members raised a thousand Nakfa each in support of this noble cause.


•  Construction of dirt road completed

Hagaz, 24 June 2015 – The construction of a dirt road linking Gilas with Dob’aat has been completed.

Father Ogbagabir Woldegergis, Secretary General of the Catholic Church’s denomination in Keren, stated that the 16 Km. road was built at a total cost of 1 million Nakfa.

The new road will be utilized by inhabitants of a cluster of small villages of Gilas, Dob’at, Ashera, Shebeq, Ad-Omar, Kermed, Ad-Fakay, Ad-Hamad, as well as those in Mensura sub-zone.


•    Youth Teachers Week in Central region

Asmara, 24 June 2015 – The Youth Teachers Week convened in the Central region has highlighted the significant impact of the young generation in the nation-building process.

The Chairman of Youth Teachers Association in the region explained that education-related contests and sports competitions featured on the occasion.

Mr. Samson Kifle, branch head of the NUEYS in the Central region, stressed the need for enhanced organizational capacity by Association members.

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