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Eritrea Festival 2015: Hub of Harmony

It is of a NO denial subject that Eritrea breathes upon the sole good will of its people. As such for decades nearing almost a century children of this land have sweated, bleed and died for their mother land’s sovereignty and prosperity. 
And even before the independence of the country; Eritreans dared to dream of a country known to the world by its peaceful intentions and its colorful ethnic unity.


When in August of 1974, in Bologna (Italy) the very first official Eritrean Festival was held; it came from there the initiative of conducting yearly festivals in Bologna, and after the independence of Eritrea, it became a tradition for Eritreans to come together yearly in August, to pay homage to the essence of brotherhood, devotion, commitment, harmony and unity we are graced by.

The Eritrean National Festival, as such, it is a platform where cultural, historic, national development advances and above all national sentiments are manifested.

About this year’s festival’s theme

Eritrean colorful unity, our ethnic diversity, cultural beauty and many more subjects will be highlighted in this year’s festival under the theme of ‘Eritrea Festival: Hub of Harmony’.  Expo ground will host Eritreans from all over the country and all over the world from the 25th of July till the 2nd of August.

About the cultural activities

Cultural performances, artistic shows, bazaars and other shows of great variety will be exhibited revealing ethnical harmony along with or people’s welcoming and hospitable culture. Podiums in which singing contest of traditional music, musical instruments and oral tradition, will find their manifestation are systematically prearranged.

In the regional pavilions, all regions are ready to exhibit their particular heritages in cultural, agricultural and natural resources as well as ongoing developmental programs that they correspondingly have so far reached.

The Festival will be of extraordinary and flavorsome experiences for all, as it will be a platform of creative collision of performances: cultural, musical, visual art, exhibition and theatre and other showcases of various kinds.”

Activities for the youth

Youth will be highly involved both in the educational grounds as well as in the artistic aspects. Moreover, various instructive activities will be held, such as: painting, photograph, documentation, contemporary art and writing contest.   They will be bringing vibrant and youthful visual arts into the heart of our festival grounds.

Services to be provided for visitors

Our festival continues to grow in size and popularity every year, so service providing institutions are well organized to meet the needs of the visitors; we are very well prepared to welcome our guests. Security, transport services, entertainment arenas, children educational playground and many more are all ready to offer services to the guests. Committees of various fields are organized to make things run smoothly.

Things to be cautious of

Eritreans are known for their humble and highly regarded sense of respect to people and to nature, so we do not fear any immoral or mall behaviors of any kind. It is nothing new to us, really. Just like the previous ones, this year’s festival too will be peaceful and full of delight.  

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