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“The Stage is my Comfort Zone”

Better known by her stage name Kris Diva, Cristina Quagliozzi was born in august 2000 in Italy. She lives in the UK and is very passionate at everything she does. She is now in Eritrea sharing with her Compatriots her love for singing. This young lady has performed several times during the Festival  Eritrea 2015, an experience she said it helped her connect with the people.

-Why did you decide to perform at the festival?

I love coming to my country. Eritrean tradition is so rich that whenever I come here I feel as I go back to the UK with an enriched experience, which I can learn a lot from. In addition to this, I believe that through my singing I connect with my audience in ways I can’t even explain. So that’s why I held some shows during the festival to feel connected to my people.

-So who is Kris Diva?

That is my stage name that my father came up with. Whenever I get up on the stage or hold the microphone to sing I automatically become confident. And that side of me is Kris Diva.

-What about your background?

I was born in Milan, Italy then I moved to UK where I still live. I am the second child in a family of three and I have a lot of artist uncles and aunts from both sides of my parents. My family’s involvement in art, singing, dancing and theater goes way back to almost 5 generations.

So I was born and raised in an artistic environment.

That’s how I found my talent just when I was nothing but a little kid. I was four when I first started singing, and ever since I grew up thinking that one day I would end up pursuing a singing career.  I am in grade 10 now at Church Mead Art School in Datchet (UK) and I am planning to join a college of arts.

-And what activities are you involved in currently?

Here I am now with my first album. And once I go back to the UK, I will be working on more tracks for another album. I will also be starring in a musical “A Teenager’s Dream.”

Most of my songs have been written and recorded at Big Mouth Studios in Berkshire by my producer Jason Fonfe.

He is well known for his talents as he has performed in bands for over twenty years and has worked with various well known artists such as Ed Sheeran and others. Some other songs of mine were co-written by Adam Coltman of Sticky Management.

As I told you already, I come from a family who is highly involved in arts, so I have my father and some uncles always lending a hand in the things I do.

-How do you plan to make yourself a well-known artist?


I am still young so I wish to prove my talent by creating a direct link between me and my audience. As such, starting out in small stages and little venues is more convenient for me. That is at least until people recognize me.

-and what are your plans for the future?

I plan to keep on studying, while at the same time working hard on my artistic activities. I want to return to Eritrea and show the grown side of me.

I am coming next year to stay for four months and collaborate with Eritrean artists.

I am Eritrean on my mother’s side and I love the sense of belongingness and the warm welcome I get from my family and everyone here.

Since my father is very supportive of what I do, I will definitely be back.

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