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The power of I can do

Mr Negash Mehari was born in 1984 in ‘Shibet’ a small village not far from Keren. While he was at his elementary school education he encountered an accident. It was in 24th of May 1991, the day of the Eritrean independence; Negash and his friends were headed towards ‘Forto’ to greet Eritrean freedom fighters, when an explosive went off leaving him injured. He lost his sight, one leg and one hand. He works hard and he is a role model to many. Today we meet Mr. Negash Mehari.

Life after the accident

I didn’t give up. After I healed from my multiple wounds I started school. I had all the support I needed to carry on from my parents, friends and the community. At that time I felt as if was my education was my only remedy. Though I tried hard I failed at the national general examination. I felt as if that was the end of my life. The stress and sense of failure, at such a young age, was too much for me to accept and I was on the verge of losing my mind.

On his search of alternative

On the brighter side, I soon after regained my self-confidence and since then I told myself that nothing would ever be able to stop me from doing and living like everyone else. I set my mind has been fixed on education. In 2000 I joined the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS) and there I saw, the very alternative things I could do to lead a normal and stable life style. I got the opportunity of getting several kinds of trainings on first aid and physical education, I worked for two years as a member of the executive committee of the NUEYS in Keren sub-zone and in other activities the union was organizing and at the moment I am working as a physical education instructor.

On his disability vis-à-vis physical education

I took physical education training for one and half years. After graduation I was assigned as instructor. Physical education especially gymnasium prevails to be a lot of time to be rather challenging and less comfortable than other sports, my aim was to make gymnasium something that my clients could enjoy. Now, I work at the gymnasium every day from 7 to 9 in the evening. And during the day I am working as a manager in one private sector. That means I have a rather tight schedule trough out my days.  I am satisfied with how I am doing. I wanted to lead a normal life style and here I am!

On the importance of physical education

I believe sport has significant importance in one’s life. It brings psychological stability and physical fitness. I have seen that in me as I am a beneficiary on that matter. Though I found it hard at first, sport most definitely aided me in my physical and mental development.

His recommendation on parents with handicapped children

Parents with similar situation, should never ever panic or stress over such encounters.  I suggest that a follow up on regular basis, both in the physical and mental aspects, would help a great deal.

On his final thought

As a disabled I don’t sit expecting help from others. Disability should not deter any one from pursuing dreams, wishes and goals. Disability is not the end of life. Accepting what happened and try hard to overcome it is what is needed the most.

Good luck!

Thank you very much!

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