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Chinese Delegation Work Visit

As a continuation to various engagement platforms between Eritrea and China, six members of a Chinese high delegation visited Eritrea. In a three-day work visit, the Chinese delegation, led by Madam Zhou Baoying, Deputy Director-General of Guizhou Provincial Education Department, held extensive deliberations with different Eritrean officials. And during their work tour, the members of the delegation shared views as regards promoting Eritrea’s cultural and educational treasures.

Following to an official reception by Mr. He Zhigeng, acting China’s ambassador to Eritrea on October 28, the delegation headed to Education Ministry’s central office and held extensive deliberations with Minister Semere Russom. Mr. Semere asserted to the delegation Eritrea’s indisputable readiness for strengthening the on-going positive engagements between both sisterly countries.

After an exchange of  constructive views as regards efforts that have been exerted towards preserving assets in educational and cultural domains, Mr. Semere commended efforts of the delegation and highly noted the significant role such engagements could play in excelling profiles of Eritrea’s higher educational institutions. In the event, Professor Li Jianjun, President of Guizhou Normal University, Professor Xiang Shuwen, Vice President of Guizhou University, and other members of the diplomatic corps in Asmara took part.

On similar day, the delegation also welcomed by Professor Tadesse Mehari, Executive Director of National Commission for Higher Education (NCHE). In the event in which respective deans of the seven higher educational institutions participated, Professor Tadese Mehari expressed that the people of Eritrea highly welcomes such positively architected engagement links.

“On this event, I assert you that Eritrea’s engagement with any constructive quarter is not a subject to be devalued. Thus, I recall to members of the higher educational institutions from Gujizhou province of China also to strength this successfully managed links thereby to play vital role in enhancing the platforms for mutual engagements,” Prof. Tadese Said.

Members of the delegation on their part affirmed readiness to play to play significant role in the development of Eritrea’s higher educational institutions potency by minimizing inescapable challenges as much as possible. Eventually, a memorandum of understanding was signed by both parties.

Accompanied by Professor Tadesse Mehari, the delegation visited the Confucius Institute. Director of the Institute in Asmara, Dr. Wang Xiaohua, briefed panoptic activities of the Center and clarified tangible victories the institute has been achieving in serving as a hub of cultural and educational exchange between both countries. After expressing the highly appreciable culture of friendliness and honesty among other respectable values which are great assets of Eritreans lifestyle, she expressed her optimistic anticipation to exert due effort in excelling the already witnessed encouraging outcomes of the Institute.

Eritrea’s Pearl City, Massawa, also welcomed the delegation on 29 October 2015. In line with the pre-scheduled plan, Dr. Zekeria, Dean of the College of Marine Science and Technology, received the delegation at his office and gave them briefings about the College’s endeavors towards accelerating Eritrea’s economic development by adding educated youngsters to the pools of well trained human resources indexes.

Moreover, Department heads in the college explained to the delegation about the main challenges and achievements that have been registered to date. The delegation on its part ascertained its undoubting readiness in providing preliminary forms of assistance.     

Following extensive discussions with various Education Ministry’s officials, the delegation from the Guizhou Provincial Educational expressed willingness to by far reinforce the ties that have already started among the two parties.

The delegation which comprised Professor Xiang Shuwen, Vice President of Guizhou University, Mr. Zhou Jin, Principal of Guiyang High School, Mr. Zhang Chengquan, Principal of Zunyi High School, Madam Wang Rui, Director of Guizhou Education Center for International Exchanges and Linkages, among others, left for China on October 30 after a successfully managed work visit to Eritrea.


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