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Established in 2004, the Orotta School of Medicine and Dentistry has so far graduated a total of 229 Medical Doctors. With its latest graduation assessment on the 12th of December in which a total of 25 Medical Doctors, who have been pursuing their studies in medicine and dentistry for eight years; the Orotta School of Medicine upholds, similarly to other Eritrean institutions of higher education, a thriving task in producing adept future professionals.
Students, particularly on this case; assert that the commencement of their graduation shoulders great responsibility on them as new health professionals and as they strive to serve the public with dedication.
Today’s Q&A hosts two female Doctors: Dr. Jemila and Dr. Askalu, whom graduated from the Orotta School of Medicine recently on previous batches. Here follows what they have to say.


To begin with, what is your academic background?


Jemila: I went to Finland elementary and junior School, then, I completed my secondary education at Limeat School before going to Sawa and achieved my 12th grade.

I completed my 12th grade with success and was able to enter the Eritrean Institute of Technology (EIT) of Mainefhi, then advanced to the medical school of Orota.

Askalu:I went to a protestant school from 1st up to 3rd grade and 4th and 5th at Shieb Seleba followed by Nasnet junior school and Denden secondary school. And then, I went to sawa for my 12th grade and I succeeded in matric result which allowed me to enter EIT before going to the Medical School of Orotta.

Every one that goes through Sawa is more likely to have a unique particularized feel. How is yours?

Jemila: For me, Sawa was the shaping place of my ambition and aim. Before going to Sawa, I was rather a spoiled child, meaning that all I had to do to get what I wanted was simply to ‘ask’.

However after my journey in Sawa, I turned out to be a whole lot different person. I learned how to live, how to understand others, and how to independently decide for myself. It was honestly the place where I paved the foundation of my actual being.

The best thing though was the worth of meeting people from all around the country while gaining an understanding of our ample versatility and the richness of it:
for the Eritrean youth that goes through Sawa ‘cooperation is power’ … it was simply beautiful!

Askalu: Definitely a cornerstone to my life. I am well-informed on how to share ideas, experience, and knowledge and accordingly spiritual cooperation, only because Sawa was a significant step of life.

The sum of every single day of the way stimulates within an individual a strong, very strong sense of identity, self-esteem and an extremely healthy bond amongst the youth by overcoming cultural, religious, and ethnical and gender differences! Our friendship could be an example, we met in Sawa and here we are today, still passionate and motivated to ‘do’ and do more!
Same goes to our friends from Sawa.

At Orotta School of medicine

Jemila: We are really lucky. Being able to learn this profession because we have a country in which such opportunities exist is very providential.

Askalu: Education not only is the foundation of individual development but also a stride forward for a society, as such equal rights and privileges for education is not an usual sight, especially not in the third world countries so I do dare to define my educational conduit at Orotta Medical School as the best thing that ever happened to me..

After successful achievements in your studies, how does your future plan look like?

Askalu: I want us, (my fellow colleagues) to become exceedingly accomplished and competent doctors. And be able to give back to our society.
As for my friend Jemila and I, … we are planning on deepening our education on internal diseases and specialize in the field.

Jemila: Our didactic journey does not stop here. We do wish and are currently working on reaching our professional peak.


We thank you!

Compiled by:
Semere G/medhin

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